How is it February already?! I know I am running late on my empties again, my apologies. I was able to get a good amount of products done this month! Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Here are my top choices for this month! If you saw my reviews on Instagram, you’d not know my love of the Swanicoco ampoule, Swanicoco gel cream, Ryor micellar water and the Jkosmmune serum. I loved all four of these products very much and I used them to their last drops. I would repurchase all of them, though they’re all pricey. I would need to get good deals on them before I’d be able to shell out the money.

My Instagram friend Michel sent me a sample of the Missha eye cream and I actually really loved it as a night eye cream. It was thicker than normal, but not as thick as a lot of the Asian beauty eye balms that can tend to be way to rich for my eye area. This absorbed nicely and I would look into buying the full size. I did also like this Clinique eye cream, this was also one I could only use at night. It did do temporary brightening in my undereye area. This is a little out of my price range. I actually used most of this Secret Key toner as a DIY mask. I would use pieces of cotton pads, soak it in the toner and place it on areas with a lot of blackheads. I feel like I got more benefit from it that way.

These are the pretty good to ok products. I feel like I can never get that excited about cotton balls, but these did do the job well. They didn’t absorb too much of my toner and didn’t flake off onto my skin. The Andalou Naturals night cream was nice, not too thick and rich, but kept my skin soft overnight. It didn’t do anything wonderful though, so I don’t see a need to seek it out.

The biocellulose mask was in the bag and missed my mask pictures. It was pretty good, this was an 08Liter product. The Klavuu toner was a nice moisturizing toner, but the price was too high for my to justify buying it again in the future. Ban deodorant was not my first choice, but I got a few 75% off at Rite Aid and that worked for me. It was better than I expected. Same for the Crest toothpaste. I liked it more than I thought I would, but I only grabbed it because it was on sale.

Here’s the whomp whomp items for the month. I used to love Dove body wash, but it’s really not doing anything for me anymore. Am I too bougie now?! I did not like the Shea Moisture shampoo, I feel like it did not clean my hair well enough and it got greasy again way too easily. The Secret deodorant didn’t give me enough protection, I’d never buy it.

The Clinique facial wash smelled like plastic, just like the other sample I tried before this. I cleans my skin ok, but the smell is bad. Also, for the price, I’d never buy it. I liked the DCMK ampoule while I was using it, but once I finished it, my skin felt exactly the same. So I don’t know if it does anything. I have another bottle going, I’ll try it again. I know a lot of people who love the Essence Last Princess mascara, but I hated it. It got clumpy within a week of using it and it left racoon eyes under my eyes by the end of the day. I’d never use it again, even for free. I feel bad saying things like that, but I really did not like it.

These are all of the sheetmasks I used this month. Besides the common repeats like the Leaders masks, most of these have reviews on my Instagram page. It’s been a lot of work trying to use up all the Leaders masks before they expire. I should’ve known better than to grab all the boxes I could from Marshall’s. I still have more to get through.

It’s late, not shockingly, but I am going to make an in depth post on Neogence. I have used a number of masks and their other skincare products and I want to discuss them in more detail since I have become a fan of Taiwanese beauty. So keep an eye out for that post!

Tea time! I finished a 10 oz bag of apple cider herbal tea. It really did taste like apple cider without the sugar or calories. It was a nice bedtime beverage. I finished up four more Nerdfelt teas, I cannot get enough! The Fire Breathing Dragon tea was made from a very smoky tea, but it was not bitter at all. I really liked it.

Inconteavible is one of the best tea names out there. The vanilla flavor was a little strong for me, but this was a solid tea. If you like sweetness, this is one for you. Gryffintea and Huffletea were both good, fruity black teas. These are good for me since I drink my tea back. It adds some flavor and a sense of sweetness without actually being sweet. Huffletea is one I ended up buying a full size of.

Finally, we have my was for the month. I tried to use up some of the samples I had lying around or that were sent to me by waxy friends. The two Destination Wax samples were good, Apple Mango Tango and Red Pear. Those were both true fruit scents, which I like. The LoveLee waxes smell good, but these also seemed to fade too quickly for my tastes. I wish they were longer lasting.

I used up a clamshell and a scent shot of my customized scent from Zainey Laney. Cotton and lemongrass continues to be a scent I want to use often. I love using it as a bedtime scent. I am excited that her wax community has come to love the scent too. It’s so cozy and comforting. I recommend trying it out if you like fresh, clean scents. It’s not as perfumey or strong as a Downy or Fresh Island Gain scent.

The Scented Squirrel has become one of my favorite vendors. Her scents last a long time and she has unique scent blends. I used up a lot of Up North Creations, a lot of these were samples sent to me with orders. Their scents are wonderful, but some of them don’t have as much throw. I do love their sinus blend.

So, this month I managed to use up $431. 01 worth of product! Thanks to using some higher end full size items. I am really hoping to use up a much bigger total for 2018 than I did in 2017!

Thank you for joining me for another empties adventure! Until next time, stay beautiful!