Another month down! It’s been another crazy month, this time I needed to travel for a week for work. I had to run a trade show booth and was pulling 15-16 hour days for that week. Hopefully, I won’t be getting on a plane again anytime soon. First up, I’ll go over the empties from my hotel stay and then the rest of my items. The deluxe samples and full sizes are separated into the normal three categories, but the masks are all jumbled together. I hosted an Instagram mask challenge, so I used way too many masks again! Let’s get into it!


I just used the little Paul Mitchell shampoo and conditioner that the hotel provided. Pretty basic stuff, it left my hair a little dry. I had my It’s a 10 with me to save the day though. The Ryor micellar water is a product I recently reviewed the full size of on my Instagram. I am a big fan of it and I am glad I had a sample size to travel with.

The Avene serum was a small sample, but it was a nice serum. It had a slightly viscous, milky consistency. It absorbed very well and left my skin hydrated without feeling greasy. I used the Laneige sleeping pack each night since hotel rooms always have such dry air in them. I didn’t want my skin to pay the price, especially since I was wearing full face makeup everyday I was there as well.


These are the best of the best this month! I used another sample bottle of the Ryor micellar water. The Neogence Fresh Cooling Astringent Toner was sent to me for review by Miirushop. They have a wonderful selection of Taiwanese beauty and I was honored to be selected for their blogger program. This toner helped my oily skin, but it was not harsh or irritating in any way. I kept my skin soft and smooth while handling any issues I was having. I picked up another bottle to replace this one already, I love this toner so much.

I wrote up a full review of the Benton My Dear BFF Bar on my Instagram. I really liked it, but it’s $15 and I don’t think I’d purchase it unless it had a good sale going on. I am still a cheapskate on some skincare and body care is one. The Julep Night Shift Sleeping Pack is still one of my favorite sleeping packs. It is very thick, so a little bit goes a long way. My skin always looks and feels good the next morning when I use it. I have another one ready to go!

This was the first time I was using a full deluxe sample of the Belif Moisturizing Bomb, I have only used the little packets before. I used it as a sleeping pack, on top of a cream at night. It worked really well for that now that the weather is colder. I still couldn’t wear it during the day. This Clinique eye treatment sample lasted FOREVER! I liked it, but for the price of the fullsize, I doubt I would ever buy it. The Laneige Water Bank Essence is a nice, thick, milky essence. I really love that for nighttime, especially when I have to sleep in dry air environments.


The Olay sample was pretty good, I have used full sizes of this before. With the ingredients with the Olay shower products, I am trying to get through them and not repurchase them. The Laniege Water Bank serum is really nice, but it’s a little too thick for using twice daily.

I got a TON of these Peter Thomas Roth shampoo and conditioner deluxe samples in an Instagram auction, so you’ll probably see these popping up in my empties pretty often. They do a good job keeping my hair soft, but they’re pretty overpriced. I still love the Purity Made Simple, but I am just not as enamored as I used to be. I also really like the Body Shop tea tree face wash, but I want to branch out and try other brands of tea tree facial cleansers.

I decided to use this Gillette sample that came in the mail since it had ingredients that my boyfriend can’t use. I was surprised at how well it worked for me and it didn’t have an overly masculine scent. I may need to look into trying more men’s deodorants, I have heard a lot of women say they’ve switched to them. The shampoo is a Korean straightening shampoo I received free for review from 08 Liter. It worked pretty well and it kept my hair fairly soft, but it is about $30 a bottle and not easy to find. I will pass on that one. It is a good product though, I liked it a lot more than I thought I would.


Here are the products that didn’t work out great for me. The Suave Clinical deodorant did not work as well as the Secret or Degree, but the main issue was this scent. Oh my God, it was overpowering and did not smell good. I find this happens often with Suave products. I received this free for review, I will not be repurchasing.

The Smashbox primer is everywhere, you can’t go anywhere without getting samples. I used to think it worked pretty well, but I am really getting tired of silicone based primers. The Crest 3D White was a sample, so I can’t say if it does a good job of whitening or not, but I hated the flavor. The Balm Mad Lash mascara is one that a lot of my friends like, but I was not a fan. I did not like the brush and it worked well the first week, but then started clumping up big time. I would probably not even use another free sample.

The Clinique Pep Start is a daily face scrub and cleanser. The exfoliating beads were way too big and too harsh for me to use on my skin daily. I sometimes used it every other day or every two days to make sure I wasn’t being too harsh. I would never spend money on the full size, but I will use up the other sample or two I have in my stash.The Pecksniff’s body wash was one from Ireland and it was too strongly scented and was a little drying on my skin. The floral shampoo bottle was from another hotel in Ireland. Same issue, it was too strongly scented and dried my hair out.

The Hey Honey peel off mask was so disappointing. The texture made it hard to apply, I had to put such a thick layer on and it took forever to dry. Then when I peeled it off, I felt like almost nothing was different on my skin. It didn’t do anything to remove dead skin cells or smooth out my skin. Meh. The Elf eyeshadow primer is proof that you get what you pay for. My eyeshadow would be fading after a whole day at work and I definitely wouldn’t use it if I was going out after work. But it’s a $2 primer, so I just used it up on basic eye days. I can get it almost free with coupons, so I will keep it for work days where I just need a basic one shadow look.

A vast majorities of these masks have been reviewed on my Instagram. Most of them were in the mask challenge I did in November, it was one I hosted with my friend Darla on IG. A lot of them were also previously reviewed on here and on my IG, so I am not going to bore you all by repeating all of the same information. Seeing them all together is insane! I did a lot of double masking this month to use up some masks that were expiring soon. Also, it is helping me get through the weather getting colder.


I’ve been talking about tea and wax melts more on my Instagram and here on the blog, so I figured I would start sharing what I use up each month in these categories too! Negan was the prototype of Lucille from Zainey Laney Wax and it was amazing. I actually used this before, but I wanted to share it before I tossed it. It was leather, fire and rain. Such a manly scent, I liked it a lot. I think it’s what Negan actually smells like.

I got a really bad sinus infection and the sinus relief blend from Up North Creations saved my butt! It smelled so good, like a less harsh Vicks. I left my warmer on overnight and it really helped to clear my sinuses and make it easier to function the next day. Their chai tea scent was also good. Sweet and spicy, it made me want to go and get a chai tea latte so badly. The Citrus Mint melt was good, but it was a little too strong of a throw. I had it in the bedroom and it would work better for a larger open space.

Nerdfelt teas are amazing. Katie makes nerdy blends on teas using high quality ingredients. The Cap-tea America tea tastes like an apple pie! It has pieces of dried apple and the tea has caramel in it. The Star-Lord tea and fruit based and also very good. I have one or two cups every day at work and a cup when I get home from work. I have a lot of tins almost done, so be on the lookout for more!

I feel good about the products I used up this month, I felt very productive! The total used up this month is $289.35! Thank you for joining me on another trash adventure! Until next time, stay beautiful.