This past month was crazy and November has been crazy as well. I recently returned from a week-long work trip to Chicago that had me putting in 15+ hour days at a trade show. October was prepping for the show as well as an 8 day trip to Ireland with my mom. I still managed to use up an incredible amount of products! So, unfortunately, there is no tiered photos this month. I wanted to just get photos taken and get the trash taken out. I will just briefly address most products in the photos, I don’t want to go into too much details and make this post even later for you guys! If you want any details, please don’t be afraid to ask!


I am starting out with my empties from Ireland. We moved from hotel or hotel very 2 days, so I tried to bunch together my empties on each 2nd day. I used up a lot of the shampoo, conditioner and body washes offered by the hotels because it made life easier. None of them were amazing, but none of them were terrible either.

I managed to use up a few sheetmasks, they were all pretty basic, but they really helped to combat any dry skin patches from traveling. I was going all day every day, so it was nice to take a couple nights to do a quick pampering session. The Nature Republic Aqua toner and emulsion minis were also nice. They were very soothing and moisturizing and helped me get my skin back on track after a 7 hour flight.

I really enjoy the Benton honest cleansing foam. It can leave a bit of that squeaky clean feeling, so I can see people with drier skin wanting to steer clear. The Bliss foaming face wash was okay. The little exfoliation beads didn’t seem to do a whole lot. It cleansed my skin well enough though. The Clarins eye cream wasn’t anything mind blowing, especially for the price tag it carries. It was a basic eye cream.

The Innisfree green tea balancing liquid and cream were amazing. I used the liquid as a second, hydrating toner and the cream as a night cream. They did such a good job soothing my skin. I love the Philosophy Time in a Bottle serum, I love getting samples. I will never be able to afford the full size. Finally, the Simple micellar water was nice. I feel like, for me, it performed the same as the Garnier one. Since you get more product for the same price with the Garnier, I’d probably buy that one again over the Simple. I was gentle and effective.


First group of empties! TWO toners! The Earth Science one was something I grabbed on Amazon because I had no toners at the time. It was okay, probably not something I’d get again. The Snowy Owl Cove toner was sent to me by my friend Darla and the cap broke in transit, so t got wet and the label came off. It burned her skin, but it did well with my skin. It helped to absorb extra oil on my skin. I do miss it, but I have some good stuff going now.

The Swanicoco fermentation serum was amazing! in the beginning, I thought I didn’t like it. Then after I used it for a couple weeks, I noticed that my skin texture was smoother and my skin was a little more bouncy even before I applied products. I wish I had grabbed more when one of the Kbeauty sites had a good sale on Swanicoco, because this product is not cheap. I was provided this by the company, but I will grab more once another good sale rolls around.

The Pantene conditioner did not keep me from loosing less hair and it also dried my hair out. I am trying to get through all the Pantene I got when I was couponing, but then I will not be buying more. The Ulta pink lemonade hand soap is a nice formula. I like it better than the Bath and Body Works ones, but this was so perfumed! Why?!?! Just smell like lemonade! Tums is still the best chewable for me. It works fast and works well. The fancy stuff never steers me away from the OG antacid.


These White Cloud cotton balls were falling apart half the time and were leaving bits of cotton on my skin. I bought the basic Walmart brand cotton balls for a little less money and they’re working much better. The Garnier scrub was nice, but it is a very scrubby face wash. If you have sensitive skin, I would skip this one. I might buy another one eventually.

The H2O serum was actually really nice. It’s a thick, milky serum, so I used it last before putting on my moisturizer. The little sample lasted a decent amount of time too. The Rita Hazan hair treatment s expensive and only worked okay. Pass. The Ultra Repair Cream was used on my hands. The Origins eye cream was decent, not amazing for the prices they charge. The Thank You Farmer eye cream was an extremely thick balm consistency. I only used it at night. It was a little too rich for me. The Bye Bye Undereye cream from It Cosmetics is also a little too rich and thick for me to use regularly. I’d end up with wicked milia.

The Blossom Jeju booster was a decant sent to me by my friend Carly and it was amazing!! It hydrated y skin without making it oily and my skin felt so good the next morning, I used it before bed. It’s pretty pricey, but it’s on my wishlist. I adore both YSL Black Opium and Mui Mui perfumes. I just keep using samples, one day I’ll e able to afford the actual bottles. The Pecknsiff’s was a shampoo from the hotel in Ireland. It was ok, but it was free, so use it up! Then the Secret gel was ok. The scent wasn’t great and I only used it on easy weekend days because it would not contain my sweat and odor on a work day. I need industrial strength!


The top right is a sample of a foaming body scrub from Candy Panda, an indie skincare company. I actually liked this a lot, it cleaned and scrubbed well. It also smelled like Fruit Loops! The Karre was more body wash from the hotels in Ireland, getting those freebies! Haha. The Secret Outlast was also okay. I mostly used this on easy days too because it wasn’t very strong.

I know a lot of people are obsessed with Bioderma, but I honestly don’t really get it. It does work well and it is effective, but it is 2-3x the price of whats available in the drugstore. It didn’t work that much better than drugstore options, so the price is hard for me to justify it. I did get a full size with an Amazon credit I had, so maybe my thoughts will change when I use a bigger bottle. I actually liked this Colgate toothpaste. The flavor wasn’t too overbearing and my teeth felt really clean. I will definitely get this again!

The Belif Bergamont toner is a little basic, but I liked it has a moisturizing toner. I used it after a more astringent style toner and they seemed to work well together. I will need to try my other sample. It is hard to justify the price though. The Skin laundry serum is also super pricey, I got this in a trade. It was a basic serum, especially for one marketed as a night serum. It hydrated my skin, but that was about it. Their products are not bad, but none of them are GREAT either. With the price tag, that’s not appealing.

Group one of the sheetmasks! Of course, I used up a ton of the Kao eye masks and one of the body patches this month. So relaxing, so beautiful. I tried two masks from Reason Y Beauty that they sent me for review. They were basic masks, but they did the job well. The Zen mask from Skin Pi was nice as well. They’re having a huge sale right now and I might grab a box of them since I was just sent the one for review.

The iYou mask jelly mask was so cooling and soothing. This was also sent for review and they are not cheap. Maybe if they have a Black Friday sale, I will grab more. The Leaders masks expire at the end of November and December and I totally forgot I had them, hence the pile of them. It’s a good mask to use as a second mask. I didn’t think I was going to like the Lovemore mask and I ended up loving it!

Final stretch! More Leaders masks that are expiring soon. Don’t horde masks, kids! Use them up! The Bye Bye to Dry masks are so great for helping my skin survive the season change. The Blossom Jeju mask is really nice and I wish I had more to use during the winter when the oil will help my skin more.

A few more Skin Pi masks I was sent to review. The one had hemp seed oil. It was nice, but nothing more special than any other masks with oils that I have used. I liked the bubble mask from Soo Ae. It didn’t get overly bubbly and didn’t tickle my skin while it worked. It was a little easier to was off too.

The BoH calamine mask was a mud mask on a sheet mask. It was strange, but it worked pretty well. It was quite drying though, so I had to follow up with a sheetmask. The When hydrogel mask was nice, but they sell for like $8 and that’s insane to me. The iYou avocado mask was a lot nicer than I was expecting, it gave my skin good moisture.

Again, my apologies for this post going up so late! I will not be doing any more traveling for quite some time, so I should be able to get my life back on track and back to normal. Of course, I say this as the holiday season is getting into full swing. Thank you for joining me for another trash adventure. Until next time, stay beautiful!

UPDATE: I forgot to include my total for the month! Thanks to a few high priced full sized items and a whole loads of masks, the total this month was $398.39!