So we have reached the end of September, which is known as #sampleseptember in the Instagram skincare community. I will be discussing the handful of full size products I finished this month, then doing a recap and basic overview of the samples and sheet masks I used. For the sake of ease, I will not be arranging everything in my usual three tiers, since I took update pictures as I went along so I didn’t have to keep over 100 samples around for too long! I’ll start off with the full size items!


I did manage to finish up a decent amount of full sized items even with trying to use up as many samples as possible. I did finally use up my CyLab essence serum. I did already slap down the money to buy a replacement, I just don’t want to live without it. At least I got it on sale for $46 instead of $60!

I also really loved the Vella SPF Sun Essence. This might be the first item from 08 Liter I have used entirely. I was looking and it’s $30 on KMall24, that’s a little too rich for an SPF for me. I still really enjoyed the protection and the texture of this product. So many SPF products make my face shiny or cause my skin to get greasy and oily fast, I never had the problem with this product. It just takes 20 minutes or so to fully absorb into the skin.

The Simple facial scrub was nice, but it wasn’t anything that really changed my skin. It was nice to use in the shower on my neck and chest after using a peeling gel on my face to make sure they got some exfoliation too.The Peach Slices acne dots surprised me. I feel like they actually worked better for me than the Cosrx Pimple Patches, which is strange since I heard they’re made in the same facility. I feel like more junk got pulled out with the PS ones though, so I need to get to the CVS near me that carries them for more. The Secret gel deodorant was meh. I need to just stop buying gel deodorant since I just don’t seem to like them anymore.

The Garnier micellar water took forever to use up, but I liked it. I haven’t tried the blue top one since I rarely wear waterproof makeup, but this one was good. I usually used an eye makeup remover for my eyes and brows and then used this to take the SPF off of my face, neck and chest before going in with a second cleanse. I have other micellar waters to try, but I liked this one.

The Crest ProHealth used to be a toothpaste I really loved. I still like it, but it’s not one that gets me excited anymore. However, my coupining friend can get them for me cheap to free, so that makes it taste better to me! This Degree deodorant is pretty good, it’s the best of the regular strength deodorants for me, but the Clinical Strength ones are still the best for fighting my constantly overactive sweat glands.

I loved this eb5 toner, I am so grateful that the company sent it to me for review. It never burned or stung my skin, it really helped to hydrate my skin and remove any leftover dirt and oil. It’s only $10 a bottle, so I will probably get another bottle once I use up a few bottles in my stash. The St. Ives exfoliating body wash is on of my staples. I use an exfoliating body wash once a week, usually mid week. Then on the weekends, I get a deeper exfoliation from an actual body scrub. This seems to help keep my skin smoother and less breakouts form.

Finally, the BaeBody hylauronic acid serum surprised me. I got it deeply discounted on Amazong in exchange for review and I ended up loving it. It was a very thin, watery serum. This made it a good one to layer, so I used it mostly in my nighttime routine as a first serum and then followed up with something thicker. It really helped to keep my skin hydrated and helped my skin retain more moisture. I have combo/oily skin, but with the ingredients I need to use to keep acne at bay, it can actually dry out my skin. This was a lifesaver!

Now.. are you ready for over 100 samples? I also participated as much as I could in two separate mask challenges, so it was a busy month!

Here is the first batch of sample empties. Mostly masks, since I was tackling two challenges. I was also trying to use as much of my conditioner and shampoo samples as possible.

I liked the Bye Bye Undereye from IT Cosmetics, but I can only use it at night time. I really love the Cosrx honey overnight mask. I’ll get a full size one day.

I did not like the FAB moisturizer at all, it stung my skin. I actually did not dislike any of the sheetmasks I used, they all did the job well. Not all of them are holy grail, but no major complaints.


This was my second batch of empties. The SKII essence was awful! I realized after I finished it that it was likely the product that was drying out my skin and making it flake off! I have another sample, so I’ll give it one more shot.

The Pore Scaling mask actually just expired, so I just used it to help wash off a clay mask. This round was a little basic, lots of meh skincare products.

This was part one of my third update. I forgot all my Kao eye masks, I had them on my nightstand. Always a pleasure to use.

I was pleasantly surprised by the Nature Republic 3 step nose pack. The Mizon Pore essence was really nice too, I haven’t seen it before. The Cosrx rice overnight mask was nice, but I like the honey one more.

Part two of update three! The Murad serum was awful. I have never found a Murad product that I absolutely love. I liked both It’s Skin effector serums. I do have a full size of one type in my stash. I used the FAB repair cream on my hands and elbows before bed.

The Ulta sleeping cream would sting my face a little when I used it, so no thanks. The Mizon snail repair amouple was nice, but I only got one use. The Klairs supple preparation lotion was really nice and light, I liked it a lot. The My Beauty Dairy cooling mask was really refreshing.


The Skin Laundry facial wash was meh, especially since their products are so expensive. The Whish shave cream is blech and this was finally my last sample. The texture is bad and I don’t like how it gets gunked in my razor.

The Karuna exfoliating mask was amazing! I loved how soft my skin was the next day. The Fruida mask was also impressive, one of the best fits I have gotten with a regular cloth mask. I did not like the Klairs cleansing oil one bit, but I have heard from a few people that it was not a great product. It doesn’t emulsify and is not user friendly.


Final update! Lots of goodies in here and finshing up a few deluxe samples! The Annie’s Way mask was awesome! Also, for being a cheapie, the Edtude House tea tree mask is amazing. The Anti-Aging Urban Decay Primer Potion was nice, but the Minor Sin shimmer primer was kind of terrible.

The Starry Night sleeping pack was a gel based one and my skin loved it, I wish I got gotten two uses. Of course I used up a deluxe Aqua Bomb, it is the best stuff. The body butter I also used only my hands and elbows before bed. A little greasy, but not too bad.

The Healavie serum masks are so nice and creamy! The S:um 37 eye cream was too rich for my skin, if I tried to use a full size, I would probably get milia. The Body Shop Vitamin E night cream would be so much nicer if it didn’t have such a strong damn scent.

Well, there you have it! I didn’t want to go into details on every single item I used, but please let me know if you have questions about anything! Thanks to some high end masks, samples and full size items, the total for this month is $449.71!! That has to be a new record!

Thanks for joining me for another empties adventure and as always, until next time, stay beautiful!