My friend Laney and her brother Marshall over at Zainey Laney have started an exciting and unique subscription box! I was lucky enough to be chosen as a PR Rep for their first box, but I also have supported them on IndieGoGo because I am so impressed with their product! Each month will have its own new nerdy/pop culture theme and will have scents created to go along with the theme! The first box is themed “Something Off the Trolley, Dears?” and is all treats available to Harry & Co on their yearly trip to Hogwarts!


I happen to be re-reading the Harry Potter books for a book club I help run with Laney and our friend Cassie. Here’s Chamber of Secrets with the five offerings in the first box: Butterscotch Brew, Sherbet Lemon, Chocolate Frog, Pumpkin Pastie, and Tooth Flossing Stringmints. Each box comes with 5 clamshells of wax, a postcard with art drawn by Marshall and a token to collect. Collecting 10 tokens will get you a free clamshell from their store! Each month, the most popular scents will be available for separate purchase in their online store as well as other limited edition scents. Marshall also designs the art that is on the clamshell itself and his work for this box is really impressive! It makes it feel very personalized and unique.


Here is a close up of the postcard, token and one of the clamshells. I love that the notes for each scent is included on the clamshell. The back of the postcard also offers more information on the scents included with that month’s box. There is also a QC code to scan and that will bring you to a site where you are able to download the art Marshall worked on! You can use it for desktop backgrounds! This box adds in so many little features that many other subscriptions boxes don’t and I feel that the art really puts it a step ahead.


Also, one thing I would like to point out is their conscious decision to not use dyes for the wax in this box. Many wax melts, especially the mass produced ones in the stores, use a lot of dyes in order to make products visually appealing. Thankfully, most indie wax companies try to use more natural dyes and colorings, but Laney wanted to take it a step further and just not use them. Anything that is burned in a candle to heated in a wax warmer will make it’s way into the air, so they wanted to offer up something that was as natural and safe for your home, family and pets as possible. They’re even working on obtaining even more natural ingredients to use in the wax melts to improve the safety even further.


Of course, the first one I had to try as soon as I received the box was Pumpkin Pastie. Yes, I am one the ‘basic’ girls you hear about on-line. I get pumpkin coffee, pumpkin donuts, I make pumpkin pies, burn pumpkin candles, decorate my house with pumpkins. Falltime is my favorite time. On cold sniff, this smelled exactly of the notes listed on the package, I picked up on the pumpkin, the cinnamon and the bakery scent. I even picked up on the scent as soon as I opened the clamshell, so I knew this was going to have a great throw.

Once it melted, the cinnamon scent came through quite strongly. It really smelled like a cross between pumpkin pie and fresh basked Pillsbury cinnamon rolls, simply delicious. Our ‘family room’ is in our basement, where I had the burner for this. It filled my entire basement, as well as the kitchen upstairs and our dining room. It still wasn’t overpowering close to the burner, it just traveled well through the air. The scent stayed this strong for at least 12 hours. Then, for another 12 hours, the scent still lingered enough to still fill the basement and the stairwell, but wasn’t in the kitchen much. For another 4 or 5 hours it filled most of the basement, but was not as strong. This was just on two cubes, so I was highly impressed with the lasting power!


Since the Pumpkin Pastie lasted so long and I wanted to really test the durability of the scents, I am only on my second scent to review in detail! This is Chocolate Frog, one of the most beloved treats from the Harry Potter world! On cold sniff, it’s pretty balanced between the chocolate and the blueberry, maybe the chocolate coming through a bit stronger.

I am burning this one currently in my bedroom. Upstairs, I have the master bedroom, a second bedroom and the bathroom. The melt fills that whole space and travels down the stairs into the living room area and it fills that space well. I have been burning this for approximately 9 hours and the scent is still going strong. Once it’s melting, the blueberry scent comes through a lot more. It smells like someone made muffins with both chocolate chips and fresh blueberries. Very delicious, not overpowering, in my opinion is a very relaxing scent that’s not too sweet. I am liking it a lot more than I thought I would, to be honest.

Unfortunately, I have not gotten to melt the other three yet. I wanted to get my review out here for you guys as soon as I could! Right now, they’re launching on IndieGoGo where you can get this box and you can get up to the next two month’s of boxes as well as other extras! Please visit the site here to check out the perks and get your hands on this box! This is only open a few more days, so visit while you can! They will be moving over to CrateJoy for future boxes.

I need your help! What scent to pick next? I will be sure to keep you updated on my thoughts for these melts as they get used!

On cold sniff the Sherbet Lemon has a very strong lemon base with the scent of Fruity Pebbles lingering within it. It takes me back to being a kid! At least, it smells like Fruity Pebbles more than Fruit Loops or other fruit cereal to me.

The Tooth Flossing Stringmints smells very fresh. The mint is not a sweet mint, it’s more of a natural herbal mint, with just a little undercurrent of sweetness. I am thinking the cotton candy and vanilla buttercream are going to come through when it melts.

The Butterscotch Brew smells very sweet. On cold sniff, the root beer scent is coming through the strongest, but the caramel and vanilla notes are there. This smells delicious and it makes me want to chug an A&W.

I really hope you will check out their IndieGoGo campaign before September 14th and if you like candles and/or was melts, I hope you consider signing up! You can also visit Zainey Laney on Instagram to see other reviews by other PR reps! Getting 5 clamshells for $25 shipped is a great price and you’re supporting a small business! I am very impressed by the work and the obvious passion put into this box and I am so honored to be able to share it with you all!

Please let me know your thoughts or if you have any questions! I know this is a little different than what you have seen from me before, but wax is something I have been enjoying since middle school! Thank you for taking the time to read up on this exciting new product!