Hello all! My friend on Instagram had another mask challenge and I managed to do all 31 days in August! It was the Anti-Hoard Mask Challenge, so you know I had to get involved with my huge stash of masks. On the weekends or days I needed some help, I even double masked, so I ended up using over 40 masks! As with the last couple of months, I am just going to go through and do a basic review of the masks. Most of them I have reviewed on my Instagram, so you can always find out details there!


Cameo of my cat’s paw since he wouldn’t leave my empties alone! These are all of the regular products I used up in August. July was a huge achievement for me, so there’s obviously less items this month. Except that I really did a number on deodorants this month. Let’s go into details, shall we?


Here’s the top of the heap for this month. These Leaders First Ampoule masks accidentally got left out of my mask pile, but they were both awesome. This line was discontinued and I am still sad about it. I used two more of the Kao heat patches this month during my lady time. It really helps with cramps! They last over 6 hours and are comfortable to wear day or night. I buy them by the box on Amazon.

The Secret Clinical Strength is one of the few deodorants that can really help tame my sweaty self. I know the aluminum content is high, so I try to not use it every day. Only on days when I know I have to go out after work or I know I will have a long day. This Philosophy eye cream lasted me a long, long time. It was a nice consistency that I could use it morning or night. For the price though, I probably wouldn’t buy the full size.

The Missha FTE helped me realize how much I like using a watery essence. I just purchased the full size of the Moist version of this since this version was a little out of my price range. I hope it works as well. The Colgate toothpaste came in a Target beauty box and I was surprised at how much I liked it. My breath felt fresh and my teeth felt very clean. I would buy it again.

It took forever, but I finally finished my Clinque All About Eye Rich! This was definitely too thick to use as a daytime eye cream, only at night. That’s why it took so long to finish. I do really like it, but I was also always ready to try a new sample. So I think I may repurchase it sometime in the future. The Laneige Sleeping Pack is a cult favorite. This is a light gel consistency, so I usually used a night cream or moisturizer under it. The gel then helped to seal everything in and I thought it worked really well. I got a full size of the limited edition Lavender scented sleeping pack. I plan to use it a few times a week.


The mid-range products this month are all pretty good, but just not true winners. The Davines leave-in spray worked well to smooth out my frizz, but I hated the scent. Also, this little bottle is sold for $17! That’s crazy. The EOS lip balm was a nice ula, I liked it better than the round balms, but I prefer my Nivea balms. The scent of this one, acai pomegranate, was amazing though.

The Face Shop cleanser was pretty good, but left my skin just a little too squeaky clean. It also didn’t smell like peaches and that made me a little sad. The Colourpop shadow was in Tea Party, a light pink shade. I used it daily for work and I liked it, but there was just a little too much glitter fallout for me. I’d pass on this one in the future. Their satin shades seem to work the best for me.

I got the Show shampoo and conditioner samples in a Sephora order. They were a little overly scented for my tastes and I had decent results, but it is way overpriced. The Mitchum Gel deodorant used to be my favorite, but it doesn’t work for me the way it used to. I still usually keep one around. I prefer their stick formula now. The Clinque night cream was okay, but everyone once in awhile I would feel an uncomfortable tingling when I first applied it. It made my skin soft, but I didn’t see any other results and this was a good sized sample. So I wouldn’t be buying a full size, but I would use another sample.


I bought a bunch of these Assured cotton rounds a few months ago, before I started buying the Asian cotton puffs. So now I am just trying to use up these on my face and not my eyes. They leave lint sometimes and are not very soft, so I won’t be buying them again once I get through them.

The Pomegranate hand soap from Marshall’s smelled okay, but the soap itself was mediocre at best. I don’t think I’ll buy this brand again. Both perfumes were nice scents in the bottle, but neither mixed with my chemistry that great. I really wanted to like the Gucci Bamboo too. The Clinique face wash had a strange scent to it and my toner would always take off a lot of dirt and oil after I used it. I’ll use up the few samples I have, but then I am done.

The Neutrogena body wash would make my skin dry up and flake off if I used it more than once a week, so I used it once a week and that wasn’t enough to really help take care of the breakouts that pop up everyone once in awhile. I have another bottle and will use it, but I don’t be buying it again. The Degree deodorant is just too basic for me. I wear it if I am home for the day, but it is just not enough for me when I am out and about. I pick up one or two when I get them almost free just for days when I am bumming around the house.

The Andalou face cream is a little too strongly rose scented. It worked pretty well, but the scent actually gave me a headache. It’s sad, because I probably would’ve bought the full size otherwise. I use other products of theirs and they work great. The Ouai hair mask was a bug disappointment. It was so runny and not thick at all. I only got two uses out of the good sized sample. It also didn’t do much of anything for my hair. It is so expensive, I have no idea why anyone would buy it.

Now, I did separate my masks into the normal three categories, but I am just going to breeze through with basic thoughts on some of the masks.


Here’s the cream of the crop. Of course, I used a ton of the Kao eye masks, at least one a week. Also, a few of my favorite everyday masks were used, the Nature Republic masks and the Skin Factory masks. I used some pricey Karuna and Mskingdom masks, but they were both effective.

The CyLab mask I talked about in my blog post, it is amazing and I love it. The Annie’s Way jelly mask was also awesome, as well the Wojin Effect honey bomb mask. The Healavie mask will be in a full review soon! Naruko masks, I have not found one yet that I am not in love with. This one is one of my favorites though.

There were a lot of great masks this month, I would repurchase all of these in a heartbeat.


Though these are the middle of the road, many of them were still above average. The Skinfactory mask, I used two and this one was in this photo by mistake! The Bonvivant masks weren’t terrible, a couple were pretty darn good, but none of them blew my socks off.

For a nose strip, the Nature Republic one worked pretty well. I am glad I picked up a 7 pack of them. The lip mask is the only one that actually did anything for me, so that’s a positive outcome. The NOTS mask is one I am trying out from 08Liter, so look out on my Instagram for the full review!


The only really bad mask this month was the otter mask from SNP. Stiff, uncomfortable, no thanks. The rest of these were just kind of ‘meh’. The Mirum masks I just used to help me remove clay masks. The modeling mask went better this time, but not great.

The Mediheal Red Dress Code mask probably should have gone in the second group, but I just didn’t feel like it was good enough. For character masks though, this way by far the best I have ever tried.

That’s everything I used this month! I am still impressed with myself! I don’t know if I will ever use over 40 masks in one month again, so I will cherish this moment. The total for this month was $294.76!!! Over $100 was masks alone!

Next month is Sample September again, so I won’t be giving detailed thoughts on every sample I use. I am hoping to use 75-100 samples, so it will be little glimpses into my thoughts come empties time. I will do the regular routine for full size items though!

Thank you for joining me for this month’s trash talk. Until next time, stay beautiful!