It’s August already? How? I did a few more mask challenges in July and I used an obscene number of masks. I am not going to go into a lot of details about the masks this month because I used way too many and we don’t want to be here until the beginning of September.

Here’s everything I used up in July. Pretty crazy, right? I waI’ll go through the non-sheetmask items first, as I did last month.


Here are my top products that I used up in July. It took me FOREVER to use up this Tree Hut body scrub, but I loved it. It was scrubby enough, smelled amazing and did not leave my skin greasy at all. I have another one to use up, but I am trying to go through some smaller ones first. This isn’t a rough scrub at all, but you’re able to get a decent scrub before it melts away. It works really well on my elbows, they need a lot of love.

These stick on heating patches has changed the game for that time of the month. I stick them right in my underwear and they stay warm for 6 or more hours. I get really, really bad cramps and I hate mainlining Advil for days on end. This didn’t make them go away, but it cut down on the pain and discomfort so much. It especially helped when I went to sleep at night. I got the mugwort one in my Beauty in Hanguk Bespoke Box and I got the Kao ones from Amazon. I will always keep these on hand. You can also use them on your back or neck for regular body aches.

The Peter Thomas Roth Cloud Cream was really nice. It is a gel formula that absorbs really well. It’s SO expensive though, I will stick with my Belif Aqua Bomb. These little La’dor tubes I grabbed from Memebox before they closed. I need to get more once I run out. I use this once a week or so now as a clarifying step in my haircare. It really goes a good job getting any built up gunk out of my hair, especially when I actually do put product in my hair. The Formula 10.0.6 Pores Be Pure mask was a travel size I got on clearance from Ulta. I was surprised at how much I liked this mask. It got really warm when first applied, but never got uncomfortable. It really did help to clean out my pores and they did look smaller for a day or two after using the mask. Once I go through my never ending stash of wash off masks, I’d buy the full size.

The collagen eye cream from It’s Skin surprised me. It was a thick cream, so I used it at night and I got two weeks of use from this little packet. It did a great job hydrating my undereye area without being too heavy. I didn’t have any issues with dry skin in that area. I will look into this in the future. The Cosrx low pH cleanser is a HG of many in the Asian beauty community and now I can see why. I only was able to have one use from the sample, but it was great! I will definitely put this on my wish list! Cleansed well, didn’t leave a film and didn’t leave my skin feeling stripped and it smelled good. The Urban Decay primer potion deluxe sample and little foil sample are obviously here. This is a cult product for a reason. I can wear my eyeshadow from 7am-11pm on nights I go out after work and my shadow still looks great. I love it.

If you read my last post, you know how much I loved this serum from eb5 skincare. I blew through this bottle in just under two months. I did use it both morning and night. It absorbed so easily and left my skin feeling supple. I used it on my face, neck and chest and it worked well on each area. This Julep sunscreen gel surprised me. It doesn’t have a strong SPF scent, it absorbs easily and it did not break me out at all. It could leave my a skin a little shiny and I do need to blot in the afternoon, but it was so much better than any other SPF I had tried at that point. I have already repurchased.


Now we have the pretty darn good to meh products. The Simple face wash was a good morning face wash, but it didn’t excite me. I don’t think I would buy it again when I can get nice foaming cleansers even cheaper. The Living Proof hair mask was pretty good, but I can find things that work as well for half the price or less. I would never be able to justify buying it. The Colgate baking soda and peroxide toothpaste continues to be a staple since my friend snags them for free on occasion. It does the job well and doesn’t cost a fortune, so it’s good with me!

The Julep facial milk was decent. It was definitely an emulsion texture. It absorbed fairly well, but I ended up not needing it most of the time. It became a bit of an unnecessary step. It also started to turn after it was open less than a year. So it was ok, but I won’t repurchase. The baking powder face wash was pretty nice, I only got one use though, so I am not sure if I would buy it or not. POREfessional sample from Benefit, probably everyone and their mom has tried it at this point. It works, but not anything I love enough to ever buy.

The Prada Candy perfume was okay, but like most perfumes, it faded way too quickly. The Laniege Water Bank eye cream sample was very generous, it was almost half of the full size. I really like using eye gels in the morning, they’re lighter and go on well under makeup. I would look into getting this again in a full size if I found it on sale. The Cosrx rice sleeping mask was very nice. It absorbed pretty fast and didn’t leave my face feeling tacky or sticky. I would like to use another sample to try it again, but I wouldn’t be adverse to trying a full size either.

The Japonesque Velvet Touch primer is a silicone based primer, similar to the Smashbox Photo Finish primer. This one is two to three times as expensive, but works the same on me. So I wouldn’t buy it. The Philosophy Purity Made Simple cleanser I have talked about before. I could never buy it full price, but I do like it as a morning cleanser. I do a double cleanse at night, so I never used this to remove makeup. The St. Ives body wash is solid. I use it as a basic daily body wash that does a good job at moisturizing my skin. I will always scoop this up if I can find it on sale.


It’s that time, the disappointments of the month. The cotton balls shed a lot, not interested in using them again. The Colgate was a type I don’t like, the texture and flavor was not the best. The Skederm snail serum seemed great when I first started using it, but then I broke out all over my face. I used up most of it on my neck and chest since it didn’t make me break out there. It didn’t do much for me, so I called it done with a little left in the bottle.

The Pantene shampoo did not help me to have less hair breakage. It also would build up in my hair really easily. I hope I don’t have any more in my stash. The Hard Candy eye primer was not the best. It did its job okay, but I didn’t like the tint or texture. It only helped with a regular work day. If it was something more than that, the eyeshadow would start to wear off.

I like some of the Elizabeth and James perfumes, but this Nirvana Rose was too much for me. It was such a strong rose scent and it didn’t smell that natural to me either. It wore off quickly as well, but that is most perfumes for me. The Bonvivant Age Cover Illuminating Mask was such a disappointment. It was a super thick cream and it never dried down at all, even after I waited 25 minutes. Washing it off was a nightmare, it was just clinging to my skin. Then, after all that, I did not see any difference in my skin. It didn’t even feel any more hydrated than normal.

The Avene was broke me out very badly. I have used these deluxe samples in the past, so I am not sure what the issue is. I used the last part of the bottle as a body was and I even had a few pimples pop up on my skin in places I usually don’t have an issue with. So I will be passing along any future samples I may get. The Kate Somerville goast milk moisturizer was one I was hoping to love. It didn’t absorb well in my skin and for the price of it, it really didn’t so much of anything for my skin. Pass!

Now, onto sheet masks. I will only discuss a few masks in each picture or give broad overviews. Please ask about any specific mask or check my Instagram to see if there is a full review!


The best of the best this month! I used a lot of Leaders 7 Wonders mask, four of them were sent to me by my very sweet Instagram friend. I also used two of the now discontinued amouple masks in the little tubes. These were so great and I am sad they will no longer be making them. The mask fit well and the ampoule was amazing. I also used what I think is my last Aquaringer mask, so sad. The new style coconut gel masks from leaders are pretty good, the mask material is slightly different from the original style.

The biocellulose eye mask from Oleva was amazing. It fit around the whole eye area and has flaps so you could cover the whole eye area. The Kao eye masks are a known favorite. It really helps me to fall asleep at night! This Annie’s Way Secret Garden black mask was also really impressive. I am glad I picked up a 3 pack, I am excited to try the others. The Soo Ae charcoal mask is an old favorite too. I always love it.

Nature Republic continues to be my favorite pf the ‘every day’ masks that I have tried. A lot of brands fall out of my favor after a few months, but these are holding strong. Te Package Korea Sweet Dreams mask really impressed me. A natural lavender scent helped me get ready to sleep and the lotion essence was amazing. That I do have a full review of on Instagram.


Innisfree masks are really hit or miss with me, but I did like this bamboo one. The tomato Nature Republic mask was still good, but I don’t love it as much as some of the others. I think there were my last two Tosowoong masks in this line. They served me well. The Secret A 3 step nose kit was one of the better ones I have ever used, especially the final step with the hydrogel nose strip. It was a thicker material and I could see the difference it made in my pores.

I am still working through my Etude House hydrogel masks. I think I only have 2 or 3 left now. I do like them, I just have found hydrogels I like more! The Hey Pinkgo Girl astringent mask was a lace mask that had loops for my ears and it also covered my lower chin area. I have never used anything like that before. I am not a big fan of the ear loops because it usually causes me some discomfort.


I wish I could throw in the sound when you lose on the Price is Right here. I bet a lot of you are hearing those trombones right now. This Lindsay modeling mask and I just will never get along. I need to try another brand to see if it’s me or this batch of masks.

The Mirum masks were getting close to their expiration date. I wore the Acai one as a regular mask, but the other ones I used to help remove clay masks. When I use a really stubborn mask, using a sheet mask really helps to get it off quickly and easily. It also puts a small amount of moisture back into the skin. It’s been a good way to sue up masks I didn’t want to leave on my skin for an extended period of time.

The Biore nose strips are almost done! I hate these charcoal ones. They are still doing nothing for me. The hydrogel lip mask costs almost 5 bucks, I got it in an Ipsy deal for much less than that. I find it didn’t really do anything for me. The BioRepublic mask ripped in two places and I am not one who normally tears masks. It was such flimsy material and I didn’t get great results.

Well, there you have it! I hope I wasn’t rambling on for too long. Please let me know if you have any questions about any particular products. I am always happy to discuss anything I use!

Thanks to using up a few full size items and the insane amount of masks I used up, my total for this month was a new record at $344.14!!!! I am so impressed with my progress this month. If I can finish up even half this much in August, I will be happy.

Thank you for joining me for yet another empties post. Until next time, stay beautiful!