I cannot believe another month has passed. My birthday came and went at the end of the month, so here I am, another year older. I also did another masking challenge on Instagram for the month of June, I ended up using even more masks than I did in May. So I needed to separate out everything differently for my empties this month. I took pictures of masks and then separate pictures of the other items. I will still talk about them from my favorite to my least favorite.  This month though, the masks have taken over!

This is everything I used up. As you can see, I even needed two picture to fit all of the masks in there! I did finish up some regular items as well, so this post won’t be 100% masks. The mask challenge for June was themed and each day had a different topic, it was really fun to participate in! As usual, we’ll start with the top items!

I will talk about the masks first, then the other items. My Nugg peppermint oil pod disappeared when it came time to take photos, but I loved that mask. It was a wash off mask that was clear and it was so soothing and cooling and it made my face completely matte when I washed the mask off. Such a great summer mask! I know you can get Nugg at Target, I will keep an eye out for sales, I’d love a few more.

I bought a couple of these Kao eye masks, they’re Japanese and they self-heat as soon as you open the package. You hook them on your ears so you can sleep with them on. I immediately bought full boxes from Amazon as soon as I tried them. I used two lavender and sage masks, an unscented one, a chamomile and ginger, and then a rose scented one. The lavender and sage ones really helped me to fall asleep both times I used them! I really recommend these, I liked all of the scents and I do like the unscented one too for when I just want the soothing heat. With the boxes of 14 on Amazon, they come out to just under a dollar each, which I think is totally worth it!

The Kristals eye masks are insane. They really helped depuff my undereyes, but I will never buy them. I used one last month that I forgot to put in my empties, so I need to count both this month, so my total for the month is getting bumped up $66 because of this. Yes, they cost $33 a pair. I got them in a Glossybox and I could not believe the price, but that is the price on their website. I’ll stick to my eye gels that are $.50 or under per use. The Soo Ae Purifying Charcoal mask is a constant favorite. I love the results, I can get them at WalMart, there’s nothing but good things I can say. I did try the Soo Ae hanbang mask for the first time, these are usually sold for $5 each, so twice as much as the other masks. I did really like this one though, but I think you can only get it online.

The Vita 7 Days hydrogel mask was one that was sent to me free to review from Skin Factory and I really enjoyed it. It was slightly stiff, but just enough to help it stay in place and still be comfortable. I would buy them if I got a good price. The Annie’s Way Aloe Jelly mask was probably one of the best masks I have used in a long time. It’s just a packet on thick jelly that you apply all over your face and let sit. It was very cooling and refreshing and boy did it brighten my skin. I got a 5 pack of the jelly masks and I am very much looking forward to using the other ones and repurchasing them in the future. The Sexylook hydrogel mask was a little small for my face and was only in one piece instead of the usual two pieces. That said, it was actually pretty comfortable and stayed in place well. I bought a 3 pack of these and I am glad I did.

I have two of the Leaders 7 Wonders masks in the Tundra Cranberry flavor. I have talked about these masks before, y’all know how I feel. Biocellulose is my favorite material for masks. I also have a Skyn Iceland hydro cool eye gel as well, which I have also talked about before. My allergies are still hitting me full force and eye gels really help me to keep my puffy eyes down. This was my first L’Herbafore mask, I got this when Miirushop first opened. This may be the softest cotton material I have ever felt a mask be made out of. It smelled like grape juice, but not as sweet, and it fit perfectly. I wore this for over 40 minutes without it drying out. My skin looked and felt great after using this. I picked up a 6 pack and will report back on the other types.

The 3 step Llang mask was sent to me by my friend on Instagram, @myfacewow_catina. I had tried picking these masks up a few times to no avail, each site was sold out when I placed an order. She graciously sent me two of them to try.  This mask made my skin look amazing and the three steps all worked so well together. It wasn’t really any more time than a regular mask, I will definitely keep an eye out for more! I finally used a Sephora sheet mask. At $6 a pop, I wasn’t scrambling to get my hands on them, but this was pretty good. My skin looked good the next day. I bought the Holy Sheet set from Sephora, so I have lots more to try.

This was also my first Annie’s Way jelly mask and I am in love. This comes in a packet full of clear jelly and you are supposed to use the whole thing in one go. So my face was slathered in a thick layer of jelly and it was so cooling and relaxing. This was the aloe anti-acne mask and my skin was so soothed and moisturized after use. It made my skin matte and it also gave my skin such a brightening effect, even the next morning! I also got a 5 pack of different kinds from Miirushop and I am excite to use them! I have been getting really into Taiwanese skincare and I am loving it!

For the regular items, we have my first Soap and Glory body wash, the Rich & Foamous kind. I really loved this, the scent was wonderful and it foamed up really well even though it’s a cream based product. It lasted for a long time and even though it’s $10 a bottle, I would definitely buy it again in the future. I am trying the Clean on Me now. I am really loving all the Soap and Glory products I have tried. I have never tried their makeup products yet though.

The Mitchum stick deodorant is a staple in my life. It’s one of the few on the market that can at least put up a decent fight against my sweaty beast tendencies. It will always be a repurchase for me. You’ve seen this Colourpop eyeshadow in the 12 Pans of Christmas project pan I posted on here and it’s been in my #projectpan5x5 collab on Instagram several times and now it is finally gone! My first lid shade completed! This was I ❤ This, a very pretty shimmery silver shade. I am now working on hitting decent pan on another Colourpop shade.

The Clinque Dramatically Different Lotion is usually for dry and normal skin, where I have combo/oily skin. I have a ton of sample though and I wasn’t sure what to do, then I had a light bulb moment. I decided to try it as a night cream and it worked great! With it being so warm, it just just thick enough without being too much at night. The Origins Gin-zing moisturizer was so nice for the daytime. The citrus scent was a nice wake-up call and it wasn’t too thick for daytime use. With the price, I don’t know if I would ever buy the full size, but I would accept any and all samples.

Now we have the “pretty good” to “meh” items. The Tosowoong Help Me Neck Patch is a biocellulose patch for your neck. It never stays in place and doesn’t do too much, it’s really just skintertainment. It’s fun to use though, I got it for $1. I probably wouldn’t repurchase though. The Skinfood strawberry mask was a solid basic mask, if I could get it really cheap, I’d try more. The Holika Holika strawberry mask was also a solid basic mask, I did like it more than the Skinfood one. The Nature Republic royal jelly mask was nice. This line of the NR masks are one of my favorites for an “ever day” mask. I just picked up two 10 packs when I was in NYC this past weekend, because I love them!

The Etude House Skin note masks were some of the first hydrogel masks I tried, so I grabbed a bunch. Now I am working my way through the stash I built up, but I have found hydrogels that I like a lot more and I love biocellulose even more than hydrogel. I am unsure if I will buy these again, but I did enjoy them. The Skin Factory Morning Recipe was sent to me by the company for review. It had a face wash, exfoliating pad and then a face cream. The face cream was actually amazing and I would buy that if it was its own product. I like this little kit, it’d be great to bring on a trip!

The pig collagen mask I got in a trade with my friend @ga_mom_of_1 on Instagram and I was surprised at how much I liked it, but I am not sure where I could get more. The Soo Ae tea tree mask was pretty solid, I just wish the mask material was a little less thick. The Mirum masks are pretty simple, just basic everyday masks. I bought a whole bunch for less than $1 per piece, but I don’t know if I’ll buy more once they’re gone. I like the Nature Republic masks for my everyday stash. The SpaLife eye gels are basic gels, they’re easy to find at Marshall’s. I like to keep them around to help depuff my eyes. With allergy season being so bad this year, they’ve come in handy. Tubs of eye gels are still more cost effective, though.

The Eva NYC dry shampoo was pretty good, but I don’t feel like it did the best job absorbing oil. I feel like Bastiste does leave more of a white cast, but it soaks up a lot more oil. This bottle lasted a decent amount of time, but I had to use a lot each time and my hair never felt truly clean again. I still did like it more than a lot of other brands. The Lancome night cream is an oil in gel. The consistency was nice and my skin did look pretty bright the next morning. I only got two uses from this little tube, but it was nice. The scent was way too strong, which is on par for most Lancome items. That, plus the price, it why I would never buy a full size.

I got this Olay eye cream in a mystery box I won in an Instagram auction. It was a pretty basic eye cream, it had a very slight pink tint and subtle shimmer to help cover dark circles. Because of this, I only used this product in the morning. I didn’t see huge results, but it helped keep my skin moisturized. The Briogio Don’t Despair, Repair hair mask is on where I see rave reviews and then a lot of negative reviews. For me,  am pretty middle of the road. It was a decent conditioner, but nothing special as a hair mask. This size is worth almost $10, so it’s nothing I’d spend money on.

We’ve reached the saddest time, the items that really didn’t work out for me. The Holika Holika pug mask and Missha otter masks were both sent to me free for review. As with most character masks, they are very thick and stiff material that isn’t very comfortable to wear. I also didn’t see any real results from either one, so pass from me. The SpaLife 3 step masks were AWFUL. I only used one as a mask and I only used one of the other step. The other one I used the mask to help remove a clay mask from my face. Never again.

The Bonviviant hydrogel mask was not comfortable and I didn’t get great results from it. The material was much stiffer than most hydrogels I have used. I do have one other mask left, but I am not seeking out any others. The Americano mask I received free for review as well. It smelled great, but I didn’t see any results and it actually left a brown film on my skin because of the coffee exact. Yipes.

The 7th Heaven Green Tea Peel-off Mask didn’t have enough product in the packet and it was almost clear, so it was hard to ensure I spread it evenly. It peeled off almost too easily and did not bring any dead skin or sebum off with it. My skin felt very slightly more soft, so I don’t feel like this did much of anything. The 3D mask I received free as well from an Instagram promo. I am not a big fan of 3D masks and this was no exception. The fit of them is never very comfortable and it is hard to get all the areas of my face covered to get the maximum benefit. I had okay results, but it is not worth a repurchase.

The Simple wipes are so rough, I have no idea how they market them towards people with sensitive skin. I keep getting these samples packs and I try to use them up on my neck and chest to remove SPF at the end of the day, but I try to not use them on my face. The Biore scrub used to be one of my favorite face washes, but Asian beauty has taken over and I prefer Korean foaming washes. This didn’t do anything for my breakouts like it used to either.

The Body Shop shea scrub left my skin feeling very greasy and it wasn’t scrubby enough for me. I need something that I can feel working and I really dislike any scrub that leaves an kind of film or greasy feeling on my skin. My favorite as of right now are the Tree Hut scrubs, especially the acai pomegranate scent! The Hello toothpaste cleaned well enough, but my breath never felt fresh enough, if that makes sense. I have another sample and I will use it, but I’d never buy it. The So Lashy mascara was such a disappointment. I got it for free from Influenster, which was good since I almost dropped $12 on it. It left me with raccoon eye no matter what I did. I used a primer, I put clear gel over it, I used less layers. I left it for a month and then it tried out enough that it sometimes only left very light raccoon marks or I’d make it a day without them. So I only got two months of use, not a full 3 months. I would never ever buy this and I am not sure if I would even use a free sample again.

I feel like this post was SO LONG this month, I apologize if I was doing a lot of rambling. I have been using up a lot more masks because of the challenges, this month I am only in a week long mask challenge, so we’ll see how many I actually get through. Would it be easier if I make two entirely separate posts from now on if I keep using a lot of masks? Maybe then I would be able to get more detailed and include link sot any reviews on my Instagram. Does that interest anyone?

Now, what you’ve all been waiting for… the total! Thanks to those ridiculously expensive eye masks, my total for this month is $285.53!! I have officially used up more than $1000 worth of products in 2017! That was my original goal for the year, so I am very excited! Do we think I can double it?

Thank you for joining me for another month of trash talk. Next post will be a skincare brand I have been reviewing and spoiler alert, there will be a giveaway on my Instagram page!!! Until then, stay beautiful!