I cannot believe another month has gone by. Spring is here, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 has been viewed, summer is coming, life is good. It is time for some more trash talk! Let’s get into it, shall we?


I got more used up this month than I had originally planned on. There was a mask challenge on Instagram that motivated me to mask a lot more than I have been recently and my skin has responded very well to it. I’d like to think that I could keep it up, so I am trying to do my best with another sheet mask challenge this month. There’s a big pile of masks in there, they just didn’t have room to spread them all out.


As usual, we’ll start at the top. I really enjoy the Tosowoong Deep Sea Water Mask. It’s cheap, but effective. It’s nice to know you can get results from a $1ish mask. Same goes for the new style of Etude House masks, I was really impressed with the results from another $1ish mask. If you follow me on Instagram or have read my other empties posts on here, you know my feelings on Leaders masks. The best! I love these 7 Wonders masks, they are amazing.

CyLab is a new brand to me, they are based in Taiwan and they sent me a few of these masks and an essence to review. I was really impressed with this mask, especially when it dried to a really nice matte finish, but was still extremely hydrating. I am so glad I have a couple more to use. I found a four pack of these Karuna eye masks for $8 in Marshall’s and I jumped on it. They got for $9 A PAIR at Sephora. I loved this eye mask. The Skyn Iceland  eye gels were something that I came around to. They do a great job in depuffing my eyes.

Not pictured are two decants my friend gave me, the Hanaka Hyaluronic Sleeping Pack and the Mizon Snail Essence. I only got about a week’s use of both, but I really enjoyed both of these products and if I ever get through my stash, I will be looking into buying them both! I also got a sample of the Too Faced Shadow Insurance from Sephora, this little sample lasted me for a couple weeks. It is very similar to the Urban Decay Primer Potion, but this is a little more tacky. I really enjoyed it, but I don’t know if I would actually drop the cash on it.

The Secret Clinical Strength deodorant was an item I got in an Influenster box and I was really impressed. No, not perfect, since I am a sweaty beast, but this does make a big difference for me. I was also impressed by the Purity Made Simple face wash. I don’t like the smell of it, but it really worked well with my skin. It’s so expensive though. The N4 Prep and Protect leave in spray works so well, but I also really dislike the scent. This is a really great heat protectant that helps keep my frizz in check, I always keep an eye out to get deluxe samples.

I guess this is technically the first eyeshadow I have ever fully panned. This was Glow from Colourpop and I used it as a base shade, so it went quicker than anything I used for a crease or lid shade. I liked using this, but I won’t repurchase this specific shade. I love the formula of Colourpop shadows, but I can use cheaper shadows as bases. I got the Soonpure eye serum for almost nothing to review on Amazon. Once I started using it regularly, I used it up pretty quick. Now, I am really loving using an eye serum. I have picked up a couple other ones that I am excited to try out.

The Aqua Reveal water peel was a great sample. It’s a standard style peeling gel that pills up and helps remove dead skin from your face. This one was extremely gentle and did not irritate my skin at all. I got another deluxe sample which I am excited to use. This was just a travel size of the Garnier Micellar Water that I got in an Ulta GWP. I like this micellar water, it works for me since I don’t wear waterproof makeup. I would only use it as a first cleanse, I always used a regular face wash afterwards.


Now to the items I don’t have extremely strong feelings about. The Target cotton rounds are better than the ones I got from the Dollar Tree, but I am wanting to try a few others brands to try to find one that is affordable but even better quality. The Clear shampoo was in my stash for awhile and I just wanted to use it up. It was ok, but I wouldn’t seek it out. I think I even have full sizes in my stash already.

The Tarte Frxxxtion Stick was a decent exfoliator. I did dig out a few extra uses, but one you dig into the bottom, it gets a flaky consistency. It’s $22 for 1 oz, so I’d never want to buy it. The Shiseido Immune Concentrate was a decent serum, but it didn’t give me any results that justify the price in any way. I’ll use up samples if they come my way, but I’d never pay for it. The Mitchum gel used to be my go to deodorant, but now I much prefer their stick version. I will still get the gel every once awhile when it’s on sale though.

The Petitfee Black Pearl and Gold Hydrogel eye gels were decent. This was enough for 30 uses. They were good for hydration and helped a little with puffiness. These were decently priced, so they were worth it and I’d buy them again if I got a decent deal.  The Victoria’s Secret Fresh & Clean is so old, it needed to go, But this was my favorite body spray, I think I went through 3 bottles of it over the years. It’s rare that I repurchase fragrances.

Now we have the next batch of masks! We’ll go left to right. This was the last one I had from the now discontinued I Need You line by Etude House. It was good, I will miss this line. I do like their new line even better though. The Nature Republic masks I have talked about before, they’re a very solid every day mask and I like to keep them on hand.

Soo Ae came out with a new mask line. I tried the Donkey Milk gel mask which was pretty good, it was a hydrogel material on a mesh style mask. I also tried the Acai Berry Revitalizing Sleeping Mask, which is in the pink packaging. I got 6 uses out of this mask, I kept it in a ziploc near the sink. This was a gel consistency that absorbed easily into the skin. It did make my skin hydrated and a little brighter. I am happy that I got a few things from their new line, I have some more to try.

The SpaLife eye gels are basic, but they’re cooling and depuffing, so I like to pick them up when I am at Marshall’s. It’s $3 for a pack of six and I’ll keep rebuying them. I also got the Creme shop 3 step nose kit. It worked pretty well, better than the Biore charcoal strips, and it has the extra steps that help soothe my nose area. The Mediheal eye mask was better than I thought it would be, plus it made me look like Batman. I got these in a 3 pack, so I have two more in my stash.

Musely was sending out four of their hydrogel masks for just $3 shipping, so I jumped on that. I tried these eye gels, they recommended wearing them overnight for the best benefit. I did sleep with them on, but they moved around a lot and fell off while I was sleeping. I think for the other masks I will just wear them for a few hours when I have a lazy day at home. The last 3 masks I have talked about before here and on Instagram. The Mirum is a basic every day mask, I bought a bunch for under $1, but I won’t repurchase once I am done with them. I like this sea cucumber mask from Tosowoong, but it leaves a little too tacky of a finish for my liking. The Etude House Skin Note hydrogel masks were some of the first I tried. I bought a bunch when they were on sale, I like them, but I have gotten to love biocellulose more.


Now we come to the ‘meh’  area. The Algenist genius serum had an awful smell and I didn’t like the way it set on skin. The Retinol wipes were ones I grabbed at Marshall’s. It was 60 wipes, I felt like it lasted forever. I just used these as a first cleanse if I just wore some SPF for the day. I won’t be picking these up again. The Yes to Grapefruit wipes stung my skin, so I definitely won’t be buying those again.

So many people I watch on YouTube love the Colgate Optic White toothpaste, so I had to try it. Not for me guys, no way. I didn’t like the way it tasted or the way my mouth felt. Hard pass from me. The Revlon BB cream made me look oily really fast, so I will not be rebuying it in the future. Also, it didn’t give the best coverage and it was really easy for it to look streaky. The Tums Smoothies were a no go for me too, they were chalky and had a weird texture. My Colourpop brow pencil in Bangin Brunette got lost in the photos, but it goes here only because of the shade range. I really liked the formula and how long it lasted, but it was way too dark. They only offer 3 shades, so I can’t rebuy it. My purfume sample also vanished, it was Capri by Vince Caputo. It was okay, but it was a little too musky for me.

Another Biore charcoal nose strip, just waiting to be done with my last few. The SpaLife lip mask was ok, but I just really think that lip masks don’t do much of anything at all. I told the tale of my experience with the tea tree modeling mask from Lindsay, it wasn’t great. I got a set of the Fanipin Korea masks with a discount to review on Amazon. These all looked, smelled and performed the same and they were a disappointment. I think it was my last one, hopefully. The two Beauty Friends II masks were purchased when I first got into Korean beauty and didn’t know any better. These are so cheap and not worth the $1 each I paid for them.

The Thank You Farmer mask stung my skin and didn’t feel great. I would be willing to give this brand another shot, I have heard good things. The Tosowoong Help Me Neck patch was a biocellulose neck patch. It didn’t stay in place very well and didn’t do much that I could see. It was pretty good skintertainment. Finally, the Urban Dollkiss mask was just very cheap. The mask rips so easily and doesn’t fit well. Nothing from this brand has impressed me.

We’ve reached the end of the line again. I almost forgot to include the total for this month! It was $206.89!! I am so impressed with that number!! I don’t know if I could keep that up, but it’s going to help m reach my goals for this year faster!

If I am able to keep up with my sheet masks, I am unsure of my format for empties. Should I post about sheet masks in a separate post? Or at least keep them separate from my regular items? I review most of them more in depth on my Instagram, so I don’t want to do too much double posting. Any suggestions?

I appreciate you coming by to hear me talk about my trash. If you would like to hear any additional information about anything I used up, I would be happy to talk about it in more detail!

Until next time, stay beautiful!