I am trying my best to get these post done as timely as I can. Another month has passed, another pile of trash to discuss. Let’s dive right in, shall we?


Here’s everything. It was hard to actually get it all in one photo. If I keep masking as much as I have, I may make a separate photo set just for masks to make it a little easier. For now, we will have the usual rundown of the best to the worst items for the month.


The loves of the month! Yes, Zantac DuoFusion antacids, I know it’s weird. My friend got me this for free with couponing and I kept them in my desk at work. I tend to get heartburn when I am stressed and I only ever needed one tablet at a time. It’s witchcraft.

I got this Marc Anthony coconut oil hair treatment in my Ipsy bag and I fell in love. I traded for a few more when Edivv was still in existence. I cannot find it in stores by me. They have the shampoo, conditioner and some other hair product, but not this. I miss it so much, I used it once a week. My hair was soft for days after use. I finished a full size bottle of Bastiste dry shampoo and I loved it! I totally understand why everyone on YouTube loves it so much now. It does leave a white cast, but I like that. I feel like it actually works for absorbing the oil in my hair, but it doesn’t leave it feeling gritty. I am picky, I want some texture, but I really hate my hair feeling greasy.

I got these First Aid Beauty facial radiance pads from an Instagram auction. When I started using them, it made me very happy that I bought a full size. It’s easy to use in place of a toner on a cotton ball. I also used most of these when I went to my brother and sister in law’s on the weekends after my twin niece and nephew were born. I will definitely keep using these for travel instead of hoping I won’t have a bottle of toner leak in my bag.

The It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye eye cream is very thick. I used it in the daytime a couple times, but it really works better as a night eye cream. It was a little too greasy, especially if I tried putting on make up in the morning. The Shisiedo eye cream was amazing, I used it for my whole trip to Germany and it lasted for weeks afterwards. I did use it as just an night cream once I got home as well, it is just a tad too thick for daytime, but I made it work when I was abroad. If their products weren’t so expensive, I would probably buy the full size.

I was surprised by how much I liked the CoverGirl Brow Definer. I took it with me to Germany, used the those two weeks and then it lasted 3 more weeks once I got back to the US. It was an almost perfect color match for me, which has not been the case for most brow products. It was just creamy enough and I liked that I could roll it up and back down when I used it. The Make Up Forever Excessive Lash mascara surprised me. It really made my lashes look great. The brush wasn’t my preferred style, it was very small and it was hard to get to the corners of my lashes with it. I did love the results and it didn’t smudge on me, which is huge because I feel like I have that issue with more than 75% of mascaras I try.

Maaaasks!! I am working hard to get back into masking regularly. Especially since I still have so many masks expiring in 2017. The Leaders 7 Wonders masks are holy grail for me. I stock up whenever I can get them on a good sale. They’re usually $6 each and I am not about that life. I got the Leaders Amino mask as a freebie from a mask order and I really enjoyed it. I have never seen them before, but I think I will keep an eye out for it. The Mirum collagen mask was one that really surprised me when I tried it the first time last fall. For under $1, I had great results with this mask. This was my last one and I will miss them. I will get more if I ever get more masks from Skin 18. The Nature Republic tea tree mask was the sheet mask I have tried with the strongest, most natural tea tree scent. It did help to shrink some pimples I had on my jawline. I need to pick more of these up, it’s my favorite Nature Republic mask I have tried so far.


Now onto the pretty good to ‘meh’ products for the month. I always feel like this is the biggest section each month, which I guess should be expected. The two Etude House Skin Note masks (the Lifting Up and Pore Tightening which is missing from the pic) were decent. They are hydrogel masks and I like them, but they can be such a pain to apply and are super messy. I like biocellulose masks a lot better than hydrogel masks.

The Nature Republic cucumber mask was pretty refreshing, but it wasn’t anything mind blowing. I think they’re a good daily mask and I will probably pick up a few more for just basic moisturizing. The Benefit Porefessional is inescapable. You will find samples wherever you go. It works pretty well, but I would never buy the full size. The Becca primer was almost a fail for me, but I would try it again over makeup. Under makeup, it was making my foundation pill up, and it didn’t keep me matte. I would give it one more shot to put over makeup and see if it works better.

The Aussie shampoo I got super cheap at Target between sales and coupons. This was in my shower for over a year since I used other products in my rotation as well, but I still feel like it took forever to use up. It did its job, but I wasn’t super impressed by it. I have so much shampoo and conditioner in my stash, I won’t have to even contemplate repurchasing anytime soon. The Colgate peroxide and baking soda toothpaste used to be my HG, but I have been expanding my toothpaste horizons. I still love it though and can get it for free occasionally, so it will be an always repurchase.

The Botanicals night cream was one I got in a mystery bag I won in an Instagram auction. I didn’t like the way it felt on my face, so I used it on my neck and chest at night. It worked well for that, but I don’t think I would go out of my way to repurchase. If I stumbled across it, I would use it again. The two Mirum masks were around $1 each and worked ok, but I don’t think I will buy them again. The collagen mask from Mirum was so much better. The three Botanic Farms masks also were pretty good, though they each worked on my skin exactly the same. If I see them for cheap, I would probably pick a couple up as daily masks, but I would stick tot he kiwi ones I have tried before.

The Air Repair moisturizer was one I really loved when I got it in my Ipsy bag. I traded for this sample and I didn’t love it as much this time around. It worked decently, but it just didn’t wow me. The Dr. Lipp balm was what I used most of the time I was in Germany. It was easier to apply this a couple times a day than keep up with lipsticks. For the price, I would never repurchase. The Estee Lauder night complex is a great product, it works well for my skin. However, for the price of the product, I do not see enough results to justify purchasing a full size. I got a full month of use nightly out of this sample and just didn’t see any long term results. It did smooth out my skin well, but I have serums that are 1/3 the price do the same job or better. The Clarins serum was stick on my skin and they packaging of the sample was infuriating. It made my skin look good the next day, but I will not look into a full size.

The Dove deodorant worked well, but it’s not one I have a desire to use as much as I used to. If I have coupons and find them on sale, I will buy it again in the future. This is my preferred scent for Dove deodorants. The H20+ was a deluxe sample I got for free from Ulta while ago. I like this cream, but it didn’t do anything that made it stand out against a lot of the other samples I have tried. The Botanic Farm grain ferment cleansing sherbet was pretty good. It didn’t always remove all of my makeup and it would leave my skin feeling a little more greasy than I would like. For those reasons, I wouldn’t purchase a full size. The Clinique night cream sample was good, but just this sample was worth almost $20!! I enjoyed using it, but I could never justify paying that price tag for the product. I would happily accept it as a gift.


Finally, the fails for April. If you follow me on Instagram, you have already seen me complain about both Urban Dollkiss masks and the Pathology mask. The Urban Dollkiss masks are just not good enough quality and I easily ripped one trying to apply it. The Patchology masks are so expensive and just don’t have good results. I have two more Urban Dollkiss masks, but I won’t be buying them again. I have another Patchology mask I got in a bundle from Ipsy, I will try it out, but I am also never planning to repurchase.

The Ulta lotion took awhile to absorb into my skin, which was a pain because I was trying to use it up at work. Once it finally absorbed, within 5 minutes, it felt like I had never even put anything on to begin with. I would not buy a full size. The Smashbox primer didn’t really help my mascara work better or prolong my mascara. It also was so thick, it took me forever to make sure my mascara covered all of the white gunk it left on my lashes. Not a fan, would not buy a full size.

I am soooo happy I only have one Whish shave cream left after this. When I still had my Birchbox subscription, they sent so many Whish products and I was never enamored with any of them. To me, the shave cream doesn’t even work as well as drugstore shave creams or even just using body wash or body oil. The Amika dry shampoo didn’t really do much of anything for my hair. It didn’t do much to absorb the oil at all and my hair felt greasy really quickly the day after washing. I also feel like I only got 3 uses out of this can.

The Maybelline Define-a-Brow was a disappointment on several levels. First, this shade was waaaay too red and not really brown at all.  The next shade was a super dark brown, so their range is lacking. Also, I finished this entire product in under two weeks! Not worth the money. I bought two when it was BOGO 50%, so I will use it up to move it out, but I will never repurchase. The Olay daily scrub was not the worst thing in the world, but also didn’t do anything that made me want to repurchase it. Which isn’t a sad thing, because they discontinued this face wash. I used it up as a morning cleanser. It wasn’t particularly scrubby and the acne clearing claim did not hold true. It did nothing to prevent breakouts, nor did it help clear anything when I did have a breakout.

There you have it folks, another round of trash in the books. I managed to use up $165.46 worth of products this month! I had originally planned to use up $1000 worth of products for 2017, but I am already well over halfway to the goal for the year. I am thinking of upping it to $1300 for the year and hopefully being able to reach a stretch goal of $1500 if I keep going at the same rate. Any products you love or hate in here?

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