I have a good excuse this time! My beautiful twin niece and nephew were born just over four weeks early and I was with my family meeting the little ones and helping my other niece adjust to her new role of big sister. I am now home and ready to talk trash! First up, the empties from my trip to Germany at the beginning of March!

I was in Germany for almost two weeks, so I was able to use up quite a few travel sized products. I really liked the Living Proof spray, the Soap and Glory face wash, and all of the little Clinque samples I brought. That tiny sleeping mask sample lasted me seven uses! Of course, my trusty Tosowoong Deep Sea Water Mask and Leader 7 Wonders again masks helped me keep my skin in shape.

In the loooove category, the Shiseido eye concentrate was outstanding. I had never really tried eye serums before, but now I’m obsessed. This is obviously too expensive, I am using one I got fairly cheap off Amazon, but I am accepting any suggestions for eye serums.

The only thing I really disliked was the Masque Bar peel off mask. There wasn’t enough product and it didn’t really do anything for my skin. The shampoo and conditioner were meh, as were the Ariul sheet mask, Nots toner and Olay wipes.

Onto the rest I used up once I was back on the old US of A!

Behold! How majestic! OK, yes, it’s mostly masks and deluxe samples, but let’s pretend to be impressed here! As per usual, we’ll start at the top and work our way down.

First off, I’ve been in love with the scent of Clinque Happy since at least middle school. I used this my whole trip to Germany and a couple of weeks after I got back. I only got two uses, but the Dermalogica moisturizer was impressive. It dried to a matte-like finish, but kept my skin so soft. I’m sure it’s too much $$$ though. Belif Aqua Bomb is love, Belif Aqua Bomb is life. I do already have a full size and I will continue to love it forever.

The Arm and Hammer toothpaste was so amazing and I am not one to have strong opinions on toothpaste. The DewDrop serum was so nice, I can’t believe I finished a full size serum! It really made a difference in my skin. I got it cheap for review on Amazon, but I could see myself rebuying. If you follow me on Instagram, I’ve mentioned my love if the Bonvivant calamine clay mask before. It’s very calming and soothing and not as intense as some clay masks. It’s so good at clearing excess oil and calming my skin at the same time.

Onto the masks! My packaging for the Apieu mask that included a step one peeling gel went missing, but it’s be here. The gel was very effective and the mask really helped smooth my skin. My Instabuddy Lou (@lilchubmonkey) sent me the Tony Moly Rose mask and it was such a treat. It really smelled like roses and was so comfortable to wear.

The four Soo Ae masks I recieved free for reviewing from 08 Liter. These were all the bomb, especially since most Soo Ae masks are $2.50 each at Walmart. The black charcoal mask is my favorite, it always gives me such good results!

Now, the pretty good to “meh” products. The cotton balls were… cotton balls. Smashbox primer, it’s ok. I will never run out of samples of it, I’m sure. I’m not the biggest fan of the super silicone primers.  The Skyn Iceland eye gels are nice and cooling, but I don’t see crazy results. I’d never pay for them, I get them in mixed product sets and then I’ll use them.

The propolis Soo Ae mask wasn’t bad, but it was disappointing. I wanted the same results and I get from the others, but I didn’t. The Holika Holika Juicy mask was also just ok. It was $1, so I won’t complain. The Beaver shampoo was kind of awful, it was close to the consistency of conditioner and I didn’t feel like it really cleaned my hair. The conditioner was nice and light, I liked it, but it’s soooooo overpriced.

I love using the Clinque All About Eye Rich at night, but the original formula isn’t wowing me. This was a good sized sample too. I have another, I’ll give it another shot. It moisturized well enough, but didn’t do anything else to set it apart from other products. The It Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream is good, but it’s too heavy on my skin when it’s getting warmer out. I need lighter moisture.

The Amika hair mask was just like conditioner. I didn’t see any deep conditioning results in the 3 uses I got from the container. The Kloraine dry shampoo was pretty good and had a light tint, but for its price point, it didn’t blow me away. The Degree deodorant is decent, nothing to get excited over.

Finally, the “Oh no no” products for March. Not too many this time around. The Smashbox Photo Finish Light was such an odd consistency, I really did not care for it at all. Thankfully, that was my only sample. The Almay brow pencil is a decent product, it’s just waaaaaay too dark for me. They only offer two shades, so they’re leaving out a huge segment of people.

I feel like I am the only person on the planet who doesn’t like the Ahava Dead Sea Osmotoer. It was too oily and greasy. I even use facial oils, but this one never set I to my skin. Even the next morning, my face felt greasy and gross. I would probably not even go through another sample. It has such rave reviews, I feel like my face is doing something wrong.

I love the original Biore strips. These charcoal ones continue to be a disappointment. They don’t fit on my nose the same and they never remove as much junk as the regular kind or my Elizavecca Hell Pore mask. The Fresh Rose eye gel smelled more like their soy face wash than their rose face mask. I just didn’t see results and I got over a week of use from the packet.

We’ve reached the end of the ride, please keep hands and feet inside until the car comes to a new complete stop. Whew, I feel out of practice with writing up my empties!

The total for this month? *drumroll* $189.25!!! I am using up so much more than I never thought I would! I am already halfway to the goal I wanted for the year! I guess I’ll need to reevaluate my goal and try to use up even more on 2017!

Hopefully my posts will be more regular from here on out. I am in the process of reviewing some products, so keep your eyes out for that! Thanks for joining me on this journey through my trash. Until next time, stay beautiful!