Please do not think I forgot about you! I had a work trip to Germany at the end of February and into March. That combined with February being a challenge for using up foil packet samples called Foil February, my empties for the month were not the usual fare. 

That said, as I get my March empties together, I wanted to let you see the over 100 samples I used in February and the small number of deluxe and full sized items I also managed to use. I did total the $$$ for everything as well to keep my monthly totals up to date! 

There’s the results of my Foil February 2017 attempt! 132 samples used up! To be fair, at least 30 of them were shampoo/conditioner samples, but I still feel pretty darn accomplished! I used up a total worth of $175.91! 

I am not going to list off my opinions on 131 different samples, but you would like an additional information or my opinion on any of the samples, please be sure to let me know! 

These are the deluxe and full size items I used up in addition to the samples. The Almaty eye makeup remover pads burned my eyes and I hated the Olay body wash. Not nearly exfoliating enough for me and I did not like the texture. 

On the other hand, I really liked the Matrix spray. Not as much as the It’s a 10, but it’s half the price and works almost as well. I bought some when Ulta had a good sale on them the other month. I LOVED the Origins face wash and I was sad because it’s so darn expensive. The Ulta offered it 50% off this past week and I scooped it up so fast! I am so excited to have a full size! 

When adding in these items, my official total for February becomes $207.07! That goal of using up $1000 worth of product in 2017 keeps getting more and more attainable! 

Keep an eye out for the regular empties report for March coming sometime this week. Thank you for understanding why my February empties is so skewed. Until next time, stay beautiful!