I was fortunate enough to receive a monthly box from Key Beauty to review for you beautiful people. This is a monthly Korean beauty subscription that includes 5-6 items in each box. The normal monthly price is $24.99 monthly, but they have pre-paid options and also, I also have a little sale code for you at the end of the post!


Here is the January 2017 box! I had tried a different style of make from Nature Republic, but everything else was totally new to me! The Key Beauty card has detailed instructions on how to use each item on the back, since most of the packaging is entirely in Korean. I found that to be a helpful touch to make the box experience a little more personal. Let’s get into each item!

We’ll start with the two sheet mask style items. The Nature Republic mask is a traditional sheet mask. Cotton fiber drenched in a slightly watery essence. There’s enough left in the pack to put on your neck and chest and add some extra to your face after you remove the mask. These are basic, every day masks. I don’t mean that as a bad thing, in fact, I love having these types of masks on hand. They’re affordable and easy to use. Your face shows a lot of improvement when using these types of masks several times a week.

I liked the level of moisture this mask provided. This mask also did not have a strong scent and it did not slide around on my face while I was wearing it. It felt similar to the kiwi flavor of this mask that I have tried in the past. I will continue to keep these masks in my stash to have when my face needs a boost.

The Tony Moly Panda’s Dream eye mask is a little different from most eye masks, as you can see in the photo. It makes you really look like a panda! This is a slightly more stiff material drenched in essence, no real scent that I could make out. I am more used to using hydrogel eye patches. Once they started to dry out, they flopped and fell off my face.

My undereye area got a boost of moisture, but it was not very long lasting. I know these are meant more for entertainment, which they are very entertaining to use. I don’t know if I would buy them again, but I would gladly use them again if they came as a GWP or in another subscription box. It was nice and relaxing to wear and I like eye masks just for the relaxation effect as much as the benefit.


This Innisfree mask capsule didn’t look very big, but the size was deceiving. I was able to get three full uses from this little guy. This was a clay mask that went on very smoothly and dried fairly quickly. As with all fun clay masks, I got to see the little oil dots pop up all over my face as it dried. I like to see masks working. Even though my face got stiff when it dried, it never felt totally uncomfortable. Anything I have used with jeju in it has given me such great results, I need to keep my eyes out for more products.

It was a little difficult to wash off, as with many clay masks, but it definitely was not the hardest to work with. My face felt clean and cleat after use, but never totally dry or tight. The next day, my skin was always brighter and clearer after each use. I will definitely be looking into purchasing another pod, or maybe even a full size if I can use up some of my other masks!


This Hemish cleansing balm was my first experience with one. It does come out like a hard balm from the container, almost a ice creamish consistency. Once you rub it into your skin, it becomes more like a cleansing oil. Of course, I totally forgot to take photos of before and after makeup to show you how well it work, such is the way I operate.

I liked this especially for my eye makeup removal, since I really hate rubbing harshly in my eye area. I don’t wear waterproof mascara, so I do not know how well it would work for that. I do wear primer, eyeshadow, mascara and brow products daily and this took it off without any issues or any real rubbing.

I will continue to use this until it is empty and I am enjoying it, but I am just more of a traditional cleansing oil kind of person. I know a lot of people who prefer balms, if you are one of those people, I highly recommend checking out this product! It is high quality and a lot less expensive than many of the cleansing balms I have seen on the market.


Here’s a view of the detailed instructions I mentioned earlier. I really needed them for this foot peeling mask, especially since I was so nervous to use it! The little baggies for your feet some sealed, so there is no mess! You cut them open and then they come with stickers to seal the bags around your ankles. Then, you just wear them for an hour and rinse your feet off in the shower. There were no issues, no smells or discomfort. Once I rinsed them off, they dried and felt normal. Then, it was a waiting game.

I only had to wait two weeks before the peeling started, I have seen some people waiting up to 5 days before it begins. It did not hurt, nor did it feel uncomfortable. Within 3 days, the skin had finished coming off and my feet were so smooth. My larger calluses were still there, but were much smoother. That would be a good time to go with with a pumice stone and really go to work. I actually really enjoyed how easy this mask was to use. I am going to look into using this or another brand of foot peeling mask monthly or bi-monthly to keep my feet nice and smooth.

That’s everything that came in my box! Is there anything you want to try? Was there anything you have tried before? What did you think of it?

The one thing to keep in mind is that there is a big difference between traditional subscription services (Ipsy, Boxycharm, etc) and the Korean beauty services. The traditional ones have a very heavy focus on the “value” of the box. $150 worth of items for $21 a month! Korean subscriptions still offer savings, especially since they send you things available on different sites without having to place 5 different orders, but the overall value may not be as big as we’ve come to expect. The real charm of it is that they curate an experience for the user every month and include hard to obtain items and ones that work with your specific skin needs.

After trying all of the products offered and checking the value of each items vs. the price of the box, I was very pleased with everything in this box. It gave me a range of items to try that I have not been able to try and gave me some new products I will be using more of in the future. I think this is a great way to expand my Kbeauty products without constantly spending extra money on sites making hauls.

Pleas visit Key Beauty to see their subscription box options. As a special thank you, using the code VALTHERIZZLE10 will get you 10% a on month or three month recurring subscription! (Disclosure: I do not receive any monetary compensation for this code, it’s just a familiar referral code as with any subscription service like Ipsy, only you get a discount!)