It’s hard to believe we’re already in February. 2017 has been a tough year so far, but it won’t stop me from telling you all about my beauty trash. I am going to keep my set up the same, with talking about my top products, the ok items and then the no-no products. One change I am making for 2017 is that I am going to keep track of the value of items I use up each month. Then I will have the total for each month, then the running total for the year. I want to try to get as close to using up $1,000 worth of items as I can. Let’s get to it!


Here’s the overview of everything I used up in January, I must say that I was pretty impressed. I was trying to up my sheet mask game and I was happy to reach my goal. Still mostly skincare, I am hoping to have more makeup empties this year as the months roll by. First, let’s discuss my favorites.


A lot of the sheet masks I used made it into my top items this month. The Leaders coconut gel and 7 Wonders masks have made it to Holy Grail status for me. I love the gel masks that fit like a second skin. I never have to worry about them moving around all over. The Leaders Pore Gone for Good mask was a fabric mask, but it was amazing! The day after I used it, my pores looked almost invisible. Mask witchcraft! Not permanent, but still impressive and I will keep one around for before a big event in the future, I was highly impressed.

I received the Meg Cosmetics Two Step Jelly Mask free for review from Cupidrop through their Beauty Pioneers program. This came with a swab with BHA on it to help exfoliate your skin before applying the mask. I am not on my game with acids, so this was good for a newbie like me, plus the mask was covered in soothing jelly. I may look into getting more when I get my collection down a normal number. The Berrisom Oops Bubble Mask is always a good time. It does tickle, it might be a little too much for some people, but not me. My skin always looks brighter when I use these masks.

The Nivea body wash is always one of my favorites, my couponing friend usually keeps me stocked for free. I really like the Clinique Moisture Surge, but I will hopefully keep getting samples to avoid purchasing a full size. The Nots acne wash is amazing, I am glad I have a full size in my stash as well. The Mitchum gel isn’t my #1, the stick version is, but this is still better than most on the market.

I finished a top coat! Well, there’s still a little left in it, but it’s too goopy to use. This Julep Oxygen Bonding top coat has actually made quite a difference in my nails, they peel a lot less and don’t get discolored. I did a new one in my latest Julep Maven box. I also finished a mini mascara, I was surprised at how much I liked this Almay one. It made my lashes look beautiful, but still natural. I also finished a sample of the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray, it’s as awesome as everyone says. As an oily girl, it’s nice to give my makeup some extra lasting power. No, it doesn’t actually last all night, but a few extra hours is a big deal.


Now the middle of the road items, I always feel weird about this section. Some things I really do like and some things I really feel so-so about, but I don’t know if I should really split everything up into four categories instead of three. I guess we’ll see how it goes and if you guys have any input, I will be glad to hear it!

This bath pouf was made from recycled materials, but was still soft. A few I tried were always rough, but this one was great. I got it for $2 at Ulta, I did already purchase some backups. The Suave creamy body wash was alright, it’s good to have as a backup. I can get these close to free, so it’s easy to grab. The Biore ice cleanser was decent, I don’t think I will go out of my way to buy it again. The Botanic Farm mask was okay, it smelled a little of alcohol, but it didn’t dry out my skin. If I get another free, I will use it, but I don’t think I’d purchase again.

The Murad serum was pretty good, but not worth their big price tag in my opinion. The L’Occitane shower gel was pretty good, but the full size is over $20. Noooooooo thanks, it does smell heavenly though. The Dr. Brant cleanser smelled weird and the texture was very strange. I didn’t notice any big changes in my pores, so I won’t be buying a full size. The Laneige Water Bank Cream is nice, but it’s too thick for daytime and not thick enough for a night cream. I used it on my neck and chest and t worked well in that capacity. The Philosophy night cream was nice, nothing I’d pay full price for.

The cotton rounds are the basic ones you can get at the Dollar Store. They get the job done and don’t shed on me. The Jojoba deep conditioner was from a Target beauty box. The directions said to leave it on for 15-30 minutes, but ain’t nobody got time for that.I’d leave it on for 5 minutes or so while in the shower. Nothing amazing happened, but it made my hair soft. The Khiels samples were okay, nothing mindblowing.


We’ve come to the wall of shame. The hand wash was way too fragrant and lingered on my skin too long. The Lierac micellar water is $24 for a full size, which is crazy. It was also way too heavily fragranced for me and didn’t work as well as the Garnier one. The Sephora eye makeup remover was way too greasy for me, I would not be interested in even using another sample. The Khiels oil free moisturizer was totally silicone based and it didn’t feel good on my skin. Primer with silicones are one thing, but I don’t want it in my moisturizer.

The Olay makeup remover wipes stung my eyes. I have another sample pack, I think I will just use it for facial makeup. The Garnier night cream also strung my face when I applied it, so I used most of it on my neck and chest. I will not be purchasing it again. The Berrisom lip mask was too gimmicky to spend another $3 on. I have another one and I will use it, but there’s no real lasting results from these. I have another brand and I am interested to compare them.

The Manyo Factory mask was awful. The scent was too strong, it stung a little when I first applied it and I had no real results from it. They retail for $5, which is really way too high for my experience with this mask. The Shea Moisture leave in conditioner was also awful. I tried to use less and less of it each time, but it kept making my hair look greasy and flat within an hour of applying it. Hard pass from me.

Aaaaaand the grand total for January is… $161.56! It was $46 in sheet masks alone, so that helped the total quite a bit. I am starting on track to reach $1000 in product this year.

February is Foil February, I am posting weekly sample totals on Instagram, I will be posting final totals here with my regular empties. Don’t worry, I won’t bore you by going over every single sample I use, especially since my goal is to use 100 samples!

Until next month, stay beautiful!