Hello beautiful people! I wanted to bring you some reviews on some products I have received free for review over the past month. I got a few hits, but almost more importantly, I want to let you know about the misses. I received the Twinkle VoxBox from Influenster, which has a mix of lifestyle and beauty items. Just the usual disclaimer here: I received all products reviewed here for free, but all of my thoughts and opinions are always my own. I am always ready to let you know about products I hate!


I am still fairly new to Influenster, so I was really excited to get this box. It came with all of the items included in this photo as well as a coupon for a free tub of Country Crock. I was really interested in trying the So Lashy mascara as well at the Not Your Mother’s dry shampoo, so I was excited to see them in this box. I had never heard of Aquation lotion, but I was looking for a new lotion, so that was a happy coincidence.

I’ll go over the food items first. Country Crock is something I am not a big fan of. I may be addicted to diet soda, but I cannot bring myself to use anything except regular butter. This product always has an aftertaste to me, but it’s all my mom uses, so the coupon will be going to her. The Hills Bros hot chocolate is wonderful. We have a Kureig at work and these were a nice afternoon treat for me. I will definitely be looking into purchasing a full box, this didn’t taste watered down at all. This is a case of personal preference, but I liked the milk chocolate better than the dark chocolate. I had never been interested in trying the Oreo Thins, I am a Double Stuf girl all the way! I was very pleasantly surprised, I enjoyed these a lot. Since they’re smaller but still separate cookies, I feel satisfied with less cookies. I may look into buying more. The baking sheets I have actually purchased in the past, it makes cookie baking SO much easier and I adore them. If you do a lot of baking and don’t have the time or desire to clean up, these will be your new best friend.

The Axe body wash is meant for men, but this one had a mild scent. It was lavender with a slight musk to it, it did not smell like a middle school boy at all. I could’ve given it to my boyfriend, but I really liked the scent, so I kept it for myself. I used it whenever I took a shower at night and it was really nice. Sometimes it’s not so bad to use something musky instead of floral or fruity scents. I also really enjoyed the Not Your Mother’s dry shampoo. It was the texture that I like in a dry shampoo. Since my scalp can be pretty oily, if I skip washing my hair for a day, I want something on the powdery side to absorb the oil. I want something to give my hair a little texture as well to make sure my hair won’t fall really flat. This one gave me enough lift and I didn’t need to use a huge amount of products. I know Ulta carries them, so I will look into purchasing a full size the next time I need to place an order.

Now, onto the two items I have the strongest opinions about. First up, the Covergirl So Lashy mascara. I was surprised to see that my local drugstore was retailing this for $14, so I passed on buying it. I am glad I did when I received this box. The applicator seems needlessly complicated, but the ball did help me to apply mascara to the edges of my lashes. The rest could be a standard wand, the other parts of the wand didn’t do much for me.

The mascara applied very easily. It gave my lashes volume and length without clumping up or looking spidery. I loved the way my lashes looked when I first applied it, I thought it was totally worth the $14 price tag. Fast forward two hours later, I go to the restroom and look in the mirror. There was a raccoon looking back at me. I had deep, dark rings under both eyes. I cleaned it up and went back to work, by the next time I looked in the mirror at the end of the day, they were back again. I tried using a lash primer, I even had a sample of a “mascara top coat” that I tried to use with this. Every time I used it, I ended up with the raccoon eyes. I was very disappointed since this product made my lashes look so good. Unfortunately, it looks like I am going to need to declutter this product.

As a note, I have had issues with transfer in the past. There have been at least 5 or 6 formulas I found did not work for me because of transfer below my eyes. If you have never really had any issues with transfer, then this may be a good mascara for you. I am unsure why I seem to run into this issue so often.


Finally, we have a product I had never heard of prior to receiving this VoxBox. I stopped into Walmart not long after receiving this box and saw it on sale there. I am not sure if there are any other stores carrying it at this point.

It is a very lightweight lotion and it absorbs really fast. I mostly use lotion on my hands and elbows, I am very rarely the type of person to apply lotion all over my body. Also, I despise greasy lotion, I will never use something that takes a long time to soak into the skin. I am especially picky with body butters, since they are thicker. I was very happy that this one was non-greasy and I could use my computer or phone right after applying this lotion and not leave fingerprints all over.

I noticed a difference in my skin within about a week of consistent use. I used it in the morning, in the evening when I came home from work, and right before bed if it was a warmer day. On the coldest days, I use a body butter before bed. My skin feels more hydrated and softer than with the previous lotion I was using. My elbows have not been as dry and flaky. I highly recommend checking out this lotion if you are looking for something lightweight and effective.

Well, there you have it! I am very grateful to have received this box from Influenster, even if all of the products didn’t work for me. If you haven’t joined Influsenter, be sure to do so! Some people even get high end makeup through these VoxBoxes, which is my ultimate goal. Have you gotten anything from Influenster before? Do you belong to any other sites for reviewing products? Thank you for joining me for this review, I will see you next time!