I am excited to take my skincare and makeup journey into 2017! To bid farewell to 2016, I present my December empties. You’re going to see some of my 12 Pans of Christmas items, I will be going into more detail of if I actually liked them or not.

Here is the pile of everything I used up in December!

I have been breaking up the empties into three categories: Things I loved, things that were okay, and then things I did not like. Does this format work well for you? Is there anything else you want to see for my empties posts in 2017? I always want to be sure that I am giving useful information on the products that I do use up!


Start off with my loves for this month. A number of these a HG status items that I have repurchased several times. The Olay body wash has been one I have repurchased for years, I especially like it during the winter when my skin does need the extra boost of moisture. I finished my 3rd deluxe sample of the Belif Aqua Bomb. I do have a full size to crack into, I love this stuff. I also finished up a deluxe sample of It Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream and I loved it. This is a very thick cream, which would be much too heavy for my skin in the summer. Since the temperature was dropping while I was using this, it really helped my skin. I have a couple more samples that I will gladly use. With the price tag, I doubt I would purchase a full size though. The Philosophy Time in a Bottle serum was lovely, I used it morning and night. I didn’t see any changes in my skin, but it made my skin very soft. For the price, I also wouldn’t buy this one either.

This Sephora rose sleeping mask was actually really great. The scent wasn’t too overpowering and my skin did look great the next morning each time I used it. I got 5 uses out of this little pod, but they are $4 each. I also love the Sephora nail polish remover. Is it overprice at $9.50? Sure. It makes taking off nail polish so easy, it’s something I buy as a treat to myself because I hate fighting with polish remover. My polish is gone from all of my fingers in under a minute, yes please! The Gorge leave in conditioner was great. It smelled like a tropical vacation and made my hair so soft and smooth. It was one of those thicker creams, but the nozzle never clogged. It’s around $20 for the full size, but I would actually consider buying it.

The Too Faced Hangover RX primer was a small sample, but it has helped me so much this winter. I have oily skin, but I always get flaky skin patches around my nostrils and around my lips. On the day or two a week I do a full face of makeup, I would first apply this primer on those dry areas. After letting it absorb, I would apply my regular primer all over my face. One day, if I get a good deal, I do want the full size. The Mitchum deodorant is my ride or die, it can handle me better than a lot of ones on the market. Already have a new one in my bathroom, I never go without it. In the bottom right corner is a sample of the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye eye cream. This was pretty good, I got over a week out of that little packet. I have several more samples, once I get through them I will see if it is worth looking into a full size.

Masks! I am trying to get myself back into sheet masking regularly, I have gotten so lazy this winter. I gave reviews on Instagram for the Love More and the illi masks, both of which I really loved. I will be looking into getting more of them, I won both in a giveaway. The Leaders Aquaringer is one that I have on hand at all times. Whenever my face needs  a dose of moisture, this is the one. You can get 10 packs on Amazon for a decent price. The Benton Snail Bee mask is also one I have used several times before. My skin eats up all of the essence in the mask and I love the way my skin looks the next day. I got the Scinic mask on sale and I wish I had  bought a few. It worked great and I will definitely be looking into more of the My Juicy Bottle mask collection.


These are all of the pretty good to meh products. I was pleasantly surprised by the CVS body wash. I got it super cheap and wasn’t expecting much. It actually moisturized my skin better than the Softsoap body washes. If I find it super cheap again, I’d rebuy. The Clean & Clear face wash was okay, nothing special, I don’t think I will repurchase it again. The Beaver shampoo and conditioner were from Birchbox before I canceled it. They were also nothing special, so for the price they actually cost, I would never buy them. The Almay pencil worked well, but the shade is just too dark for me. I bought a couple at the same time, once I get through them, I will move on to other brow products. It is a quality product if the color match is right for you.

The Hask shampoo and conditioner were pretty good, I have always enjoyed their samples. I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy it anytime soon, mostly because I have so many hair products in my back stock. The Olay eye cream sample was ok, nothing special. Another cheapie razor on the way out, I got a 10 pack for a dime, so nothing to complain about. So I said I was tossing the lip balm from my 12 Pans challenge last month, but I kept it and actually did dig out every last bit. I like a lot of other lip balms better though, so I won’t seek out this one again. The Stella McCartney was decent. It didn’t last very long on my skin though, so I wouldn’t buy a full size. The Maybelline primer was decent. I don’t think you can even buy this anymore, I have had it for probably too long. I am glad I got through the entire thing though. It didn’t clog my skin or break me out, so that’s a win in my book.

The Colgate is one of my preferred toothpastes. My friend keeps me stocked on free ones since she coupons. My boyfriend tends to toss these before I can add them to my empties, so I wanted to show you what I usually use. The only one I like better is the Arm and Hammer baking soda one. Both of these masks were reviewed on my Instagram as well. The Elizavecca one does have some cons that I don’t like, but it gives me good results so I deal with it. Once I get through the 10 pack I bought, I will decide them if I would re-buy. The other mask was a new one to me, it was in a Memebox set. I did like the results and I would repurchase if I found them for a decent price.


Time for the Oh-no-no’s for this month. The Clean & Clear face wash was not good. Sometimes, it would make my face tingle in a non-good way. Then, when I applied serum or night cream, it would straight up burn for the first minute or two. I will not repurchase this face wash again, even if I can get it for $2 again. Speaking of burning, this Bonvivant mask BURNED when I first applied it. I have had masks feel a little uncomfortable for the first minute, but this burned. I almost ripped it back off my face, but the burning finally went away after a few minutes. Thankfully, my skin didn’t have any reactions, but I didn’t really get much in the way of results either. I think I may have another one or two from a Memebox set I got over the holidays, I think I might pass them along.

I am going to use the box of Biore charcoal nose strips that I have, but I am still unimpressed.They do not work as well as the original strips, in my opinion. Also, it doesn’t do anything for oil control on my nose. I will not repurchase again, I will stick to the original ones. I still have 5 more of the Fresh face mask samples, this one isn’t bad, just doesn’t doesn’t do much of anything.  The Tocca body scrub was greasy as all get out. I cannot stand body scrub that leaves me greasy. I used it up by only using it on my elbows once a week. If you like clean rinsing body scrubs, this is not the one for you. It felt like there was Vaseline left on my skin.

The Hey Honey cream wasn’t bad, it was just waaaaay too thick for my face. I tried it as a night cream and even the next morning, my face would be stuck to my pillow. I used it up on my neck and chest at night, since it absorbed a little better that way. It’s not something I would purchase, nor would I go out of my way for another sample. As with the Love conditioner sample I used the other month, this one smelled like a dryer sheet. The scent was so overpowering and it did linger. I had to use my strongest leave in sprays to try to cover it up. On top of that, it left me hair brittle and dry. I would not even use another sample, much less purchase this product.

That wraps it up! I will continue doing my empties monthly since there is always enough products to discuss each month. Please let me know if you want more details on any products or any ideas for changing the format. Thank you so much for your support of my blog as it takes its first steps. I hope to grow even more in 2017!