Wow, time flies! It’s already time for the finale of my first project pan! The 12 Pans of Christmas has been a great experience and it was nice to have a reason to focus on some products. Here is an overview of how everything went for this first challenge.

The end of the road!

Since I had just wanted to finish as much as I could of the lotion and body spray, I am considering those goals met. Also, I met my original goal for the Colourpop shadow, as well as a stretch goal I set at the first update. All other items were finished with the exception of the Ulta eyebrow pencil. Since I picked 14 items, I guess I did hit the goal of 12. Plus, the three mini items I added along the way were also used! This was so much fun to do, especially with all of the lovely ladies on YouTube and Instagram doing the same project pan.

If you haven’t read my first update, I finished both the night cream and moisturizer, lip balm, and the leave in conditioner spray last month. I hit pan on Glow by Colourpop as well, so I made a stretch goal to hit side pan. I also added in several extra items since I had made more progress than anticipated. It felt good to be moving out some items that have been in my collection for awhile.

The first photo has the additional items I completed for the finale! Both face washes are now complete, as well as the Sephora nail polish remover sponge. Both primers got used up during the busy holiday season. I would use the Hangover RX on my nose and around my mouth where my skin get driest during the winter, then apply the Maybelline all over. I finished the Almay eyebrow pencil fairly soon after the first update. It’s really dark, but worked well.

I finished the Sephora sleeping mask I added in at the first update, it didn’t have an overpowering rose scent. I finished the Aqua Bomb moisturizer sample I added in during the first update as well. When the Aqua Bomb was done, I moved onto an It Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream sample and got through that as well. This cold winter weather makes it easy to power through face creams!

I made decent progress on the lotion this month, but at night I did have to move onto body butters since the weather finally got colder. My knees and elbows are a hot mess all year round, but are so bad in the winter. As I said in the first update, this lotion is being decluttered. I enjoyed it, but it is older and it’s gotten good use. I did make more progress this month on the body spray, I made sure to use it every day and find perfumes I could layer with it. I will be sad when this is gone, but it’s time to get through it.

The only item I didn’t use up was the Ulta eyebrow pencil. I started doing a quick brow routine almost every day, but this pencil was surprisingly long lasting. I got this deluxe sample in a GWP from Ulta and it was almost half gone before I started this project. It’s been moved into my first project pan for 2017, I think I will get through it this time! It gives a nice, natural finish, so it’s easy to get my brows done in under a minute!

I hit side pan in Glow by Colourpop! I used this as my base shade almost every day that I wore eyeshadow. I am impressed with my progress, especially when I look back at the first picture. I am going to keep using this up and I will hopefully completely finish my first eyeshadow ever. I also wanted to expand the pans on I ❤ This and Deux from Colourpop, which I did successfully do. I use Deux as my crease shade almost every day for my workday eye looks. I am really impressed with my progress. I am trying to get a lot of use out of my Colourpop shadows since they can dry out.

I am so excited that I made as much progress as I did during my first project pan. My intro post has links to all of the amazing women participating in this project pan, please be sure to check out their progress too.

I hope everyone has a happy and safe new years celebration tonight. Goodbye 2016, hello 2017! I will be back at some point during this long weekend with my monthly empties. I also am hoping to have an eyebrow product comparison post up sometime this month. Enjoy!