I had planned to write this closer to Thanksgiving, but you know how life can be. Now, here we are, two weeks away from Christmas and the start of Hanukkah. A good time to discuss a small business with natural products, eh?

Over the last couple months, I have been graciously gifted two different facial oils by Olio Beauty. They hand-make small batches of their natural products. I really love their practice because it prevents waste and makes sure that all customers get fresh product. On their Instagram page, they also offer DIY tips for wellness and beauty. Be sure to follow them at http://www.instagram.com/oliobeauty

I first received the brightening oil, then received the flawless elixir this fall. The brightening elixir really helped to make my skin look more refreshed within a week or two of use. I used it sparingly in the beginning. I was nervous to try a facial oil since I do have combination skin, but this product never  made my skin feel oily or produce any extra oil. As fall and winter approached, I have begun using it regularly and have noticed some great results. Don’t be afraid of the facial oil! You’ll be missing out like I have been up until now.

The flawless elixir helped to balance my skin out. Since I do have several small dry patches and some acne scaring from my teen years, my skin appears uneven in tone and texture. I feel that using the flawless elixir helped to plump up my skin in the right areas and helped to even out my tone. No, it didn’t make my skin perfect, but I felt more confident without makeup and made my skin look and feel healthier.

Both oils have the same consistency, they do feel similar to other facials oils. However, I feel that these absorb into my skin the most easily. Within a minute, both are fully absorbed and do not leave any residual greasy feeling. If I have accidentally used too much, it just takes a little extra time to absorb, it doesn’t stay on top of the skin. If it is a day where I wear foundation, this helps to smooth my skin and leave my makeup looking more even. Some skin products have caused my makeup to break up or wear off easily, but I have not found that this these oils.

When I took the photos above at the beginning of the month, I suddenly realized that I should try mixing them! For the last few weeks, I have been using one or two drops of each on dry areas in the morning and using several drops of each all over my face at night. The dry, flaky skin around my lips and nose hasn’t been as much of an issue this winter and I believe this has played a part. My skin hasn’t gotten the ashy, sallow appearance it often does when the really cold weather here in NY sets in.

My nightly routine consists of washing my face (I use an acne face wash every other night). Then, I apply toner. A few times a week, I will use a sheet mask. Every other night opposite the acne wash, I use Paula’s Choice BHA Skin Perfecter on my nose and chin. Then I apply a serum (I am using a Murad deluxe sample right now), then the facial oil. Then, to seal it all in, I either use a night cream or a sleeping pack to seal everything in. I slap on body butter and a lip mask, then I am set for bed!

I am looking forward to trying more products from Olio. They even have natural lip balms, cuticle oils, and more! I have also benefited from their DIY beauty tips on their Instagram and have been able to whip up concoctions with items I already had at home! Check out everything they have available at https://www.etsy.com/shop/OlioBeauty.

I hope everyone is having a safe and happy holiday season and I will see you in my next post!