Don’t worry, I have some review posts planned for next week, this blog won’t just be posts about empties! For now, it’s time to get into my November empties. As with my October empties, I have organized them into ‘YES!’, ‘Ok to Meh’ and ‘Eh to NO’ categories.


First, the big “yaaaaaaaasssssss” products for the month. The Leaders Aquaringer, Banobagi Vita Genic Relaxing mask and Scinic Juice Cleanse Mask were all great. I saw good results from them, they absorbed into my skin quickly, and my skin looked great the next day with all of them. The Scinic and Vita Genic masks helped with redness. I have more of the Aquaringer masks in my stash and I bought another Vita Genic mask from Memebox on Black Friday. I will keep my eye out for the Scinic mask as well. I really enjoyed the honey sleeping mask from Sephora. It moisturized my skin more than the other sleeping masks I have tried, but it did not feel overly heavy on my skin.

I finished a lip balm! This Nivea Touch of Moisture balm was one I kept on my desk at work, so I did use it several times a day during the week. I even scraped out product when I reached the plastic lip because I really like the balm. I have a backup in my desk, but I am going though a balm a friend gave me for now. Does anyone else have a very strong sense of satisfaction in finishing a lip balm as opposed to just losing it?

The It’s a 10 will always be Holy Grail for me, I love the way it makes my hair look and feel. Even if I use a horrible shampoo and conditioner, I can use this to save the day. I have another sample to use and a full size of the one with Keratin, which I have never used before. This Paula’s Choice foundation sample was good for one application and I was surprised at how much I liked it. It matched my skin almost perfectly and stayed all day, even with all of the running around and cooking I did on Thanksgiving. I will look into this, but I am going to guess it will be a little out of my price range.

I adored this St. Ives body wash. It’s not going to replace my St. Ives sea salt body wash, but this was a good option. It left my skin feeling very clean and very soft. I will buy it again in the summer when I do not need as much exfoliation. I always use an exfoliating body wash once during the week and a body scrub once on the weekend. The Mitchum deodorant is one of my favorites, it will always be a repurchase. It’s one of the ones that can handle all of this! *points to self*

I was very surprised with how much I enjoyed the Herbal Essence conditioner. It said it smoothed hair in one use and it was not kidding. My hair felt great every time I used it. I tended to save it for days when I knew I was going out after work since it really helped with frizz and flyaways. I have so much shampoo and conditioner in my stash, but I may repurchase one day. The 12 in 1 hair treatment is from the 12 Pans of Christmas. It’s no It’s a 10, but I do miss it. It was a more watery consistency, but still did a great job.


The Biore strip was actually used by my boyfriend and he put it in with my empties, so I asked him for a review. He said it was okay, yet two boxes of Rite Aid pore strips have mysteriously appeared in our bathroom. I think someone thought it was more than OK. 🙂 The cheap razor was ok for being so cheap, I can only use them on my armpits though. They rip up my legs. the razor head is from a Venus. Not the best, but not the worst. Gets the job done without slicing me up. The No4 clarifying shampoo was okay. It cleared out gunk fairly well, but for what they charge for the product, I would never even consider buying a full size.

The Burt’s Bees cleansing oil is decent, I got two used from this sample, I have used two deluxe 1 oz samples before. It gets off my makeup pretty well, but I like the Julep Love Your Bare Face cleansing oil more. The Lierac serum was a little too heavy on my face, I mostly used it at night on my neck and chest. It did help to moisturize, but didn’t do much of anything else. The W3LL People mascara worked fairly well, but I feel like it dried up oddly fast.The Beauty Protector hair mask was my second sample from Birchbox. It does nothing more than a regular deep conditioner and the smell is way too strong for me.

The Maybelline concealer is a declutter. I found this deep in a makeup bag and it is old, so I am just going to let it go. I just got a new Fit Me concealer in a divvy, which I am excited to try. The Perfectly Posh scrub was a little too greasy for me and the sugar crystals melted really quickly. I felt like I could barely scrub before they were gone. The night cream and gel moisturizer were also in my 12 Pans of Christmas. They weren’t bad, but I am glad to be moving onto other products that I like more. The Shea Moisture shampoo was alright, but I didn’t notice much of a difference. I only was able to get on use from the packet.

I have been trying to do more moisturizing sheet masks as the weather is changing to try to combat any patches of flaky skin on my face. The Ariul mask was pretty good, the fit wasn’t the best and the mask material was very stiff. It did a good job with my skin though, I would repurchase. With how pricey the When masks are, I guess I was setting the bar pretty high. This was a hydrogel mask, but the mask wasn’t as good as the Leaders or Farmacy hydrogel masks. This still did give me good results. I got this at an Instagram auction, I would pick another one up that way. I wouldn’t pay full price.


As Tom Haverford would say, here is my “Oh no no list”. The Laneige mask was in my Target Beauty Box and I was SO excited to try it. The fit was awful. If you follow me on Instagram, you saw the picture of how terrible it looked on my face. It didn’t hydrate as much as either mask in my last photo and I didn’t really see any results. I will pass on this one in the future. The rose mask was another from a set I got at a discount to review on Amazon. Each one seems to have gotten progressively worse. I am thinking of writing a full review on them all to go into further detail. Would anyone want to read a mostly negative review?

The Scinic mask wasn’t a total disappointment like the other two, but it wasn’t great. I really like most products from Scinic, so I was surprised by this. This mask comes in two pieces, but it is still a fabric mask instead of a gel. This usually makes it easier to fit your face, but this one was much more awkward for me. The fit was bad, it stung my face at first, but it did not irritate my skin at all.Unfortunately, I didn’t really see any results either. The Juice Cleanse masks and My Juicy Bottle masks are much better Scinic masks and cheaper!

The deodorant is one I usually like, but this one BROKE. I could not roll the product up or down after I only used 1/4 of the product. I did get this BOGO free at CVS, so at least I didn’t pay full price. I hate throwing away product though. The NARS foundation is a sample from Sephora. I was trying to see if I could find a high end foundation that wowed me. So far, nothing has impressed me. This one looked flawless when I first put it on. By the time lunch rolled around, it was already breaking down. I usually only have to blot once a day, but this one made me have to blot twice. I didn’t even fully finish the sample.

There you have it, folks! Another month down, so many more products to go. I really feel like 2017 needs to be an entire no buy for the entire year. We all know that won’t be happening though. If you have any experience with any products I talked about, please be sure to comment below!

I let you know what I was listening to while typing up last month’s empties post. This month it was the Hamilton Mixtape. If you haven’t listened to it yet, do yourself a favor and check it out ASAP. Lin-Manuel’s verse on “Wrote My Way Out” is everything, which is probably a surprise to no one. It’s not technically released yet, but most songs are on YouTube or Spotify. This is not a music blog, so I will go into my feelings.

I’ll be back during the week with some product reviews, so be sure to follow the blog to get all of my updates! Thank you for reading, stay classy!