Well, another month gone. I decided that I can use the blog to go a little more in depth into my empties. Did I like it? Will I repurchase? Am I over it? Let’s take a look at my October empties!!


This is everything all piled up. It is a little satisfying to see everything you’ve used all together, isn’t it? Alright, let’s dig in! First, my declutters!


I went through some of my stash and I found these Body Shop and Estee Lauder products and I honestly could not remember buying them, so out they go. I do remember buying the eye makeup remover…. 6 years ago. Bye! Does anyone have any suggestions for eye makeup remover? I have micellar water, but I want something for the days I have smoky eyes. The body spray I hated and I kept using it. I finally realized that life is too short to use bad smelling products. I had a few more face washes that I tossed before they made it into the photo. It feels good to only have newer products in my collection!


These are the big YES products this month! I absolutely loved all of these. The Soo Ae charcoal mask made my skin look great the next day. It was my first black mask and I am very excited to try more. My skin felt so refreshed afterwards and I felt like my skin as more matte than usual. You can buy these at Walmart now, I am so glad that masks are becoming available in more places! This was the last Farmacy mask from the 3 pack I got in my first Boxycharm box. I am sad to see it go because it makes my skin feel and look great. It’s so hydrating and it fits my face extremely well. They are SO expensive though, I can’t afford to repurchase them right now. You can get them at Sephora, but I believe it’s $24 for a 3 pack, yipes!

This is my second sample of the Vasanti Brighten Up exfoliant and I am a big fan. It’s nice to use at night once a week to keep my skin clear. This is also my second sample of the Andalou Naturals night cream, I really enjoy this product. It gives my skin moisture, but doesn’t leave my skin feeling heavy or greasy. I adore this Malin + Goetz mask, it is a mask and exfoliator in once, which I love. It really helps me in times of breakouts. I could never afford the full size, but it’s one of the best mask I have ever used. Thankfully, I have another deluxe sample of all three items! The dry shampoo from Klorane was great. It was thick and powdery, but didn’t leave an awful white cast on my hair. Too expensive though, so I’ll stick to Batiste.


These are the “okay” to “meh” pile. Both mascaras aren’t empty, they are just old and need to go. I like the L’Oreal mascara once I use it for a couple weeks, but tubing mascara isn’t the miracle product it used to be for me. The Sephora sleeping mask was decent, it didn’t do anything amazing for my skin, but it did give me moisture and did not make me break out. I may pick up another to try in the summer.

This 100% Pure eye cream took me FOREVER to finish. It did a good job moisturizing my eye area, but that was it. I won’t be buying this in the future, this was in my last Birchbox before I canceled it. The Biore strip didn’t work as well as it used to, but maybe my skin is just in better shape than it used to be. The Pink spray was alright, I love the Clean scent so much more, so I used this up just to move it out. The L’Oreal oil shampoo and conditioner are ok, I doubt I’d buy the full size unless I had some great coupons.

The character masks were cute and they did work better than a lot of the character mask horror stories I have heard, but these didn’t do anything amazing to my skin. I have more of each and will continue to use them because both did offer a little brightening. The My Beauty Diary mask was alright, I would like to try more of their masks since I hear much great things about them. The Skyn Iceland eye patches are such and iffy product for me. I have tried 4 of them now and I never really see anything except for some temporary depuffing of my eye area. Am I missing something? I got these free some Ulta and I have more that I just got in an Ipsy set. I will keep trying.


The Borghese is my only real NO product for this month. It was SO heavily fragranced and was such a fine scrub that I feel like it barely did anything at all. I only got 3 uses out of this sample because I had to use so much each time to feel like I got something out of it. It didn’t leave my skin greasy, but that is the only positive thing I can say about it.

The Biore charcoal nose strip did not impress me. I did not see any difference in the oil on my skin, even right after use. I have a full pack I picked up from Ulta, this was from my Walmart beauty box, so I will give them another go. The mask I got form Amazon, I have 5 more in the set and I will be doing a more in depth review once I use a few more. First impression though? Not so great. This didn’t smell like rosemary, which is so disappointing. I didn’t notice much in the way of results either and it dried out very quickly. I will give it another chance!!

I hope this wasn’t too long and rambly. I wanted to be able to give a little more detail than I can on Instagram, but I don’t ant to take up too much of your time. Is this format for my empties good? Is it appealing? Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think! I am really looking forward to my next post, thank you so much for joining me on an adventure through my trash!

PS- I wrote this while listening to the “Diamond and Pearls” album from Prince and the New Power Generation, my favorite album when I was 7. It is still amazing, I highly recommend it if you haven’t given it a listen in a long time.